The Great Impact of Color in Trade Show Events

How can you attract a visitor to come to your trade show booth? Let’s be honest. The presentation of your business, products, and brand identity must look interesting to appeal to people’s senses. This only shows that the color scheme you chose for your exhibition is among the essential factors in attracting visitors to your display.

Color has a significant impact on everything around us as it is one of the fundamental elements in effective design. Studies show that it stimulates our brains and influences our mood. It even increases brand recognition and instigates purchase decisions. Provided that the ideal color selections are essential, what colors should you use for your trade show furniture, flooring, surface, and other displays?

We prepared an analysis of commonly preferred colors to give a better understanding of what they mean in your exhibit marketing strategy. Check them out below.


The red shade means excitement, boldness, and youthfulness. It is a prominent trade exhibit color choice due to the power it represents. Although red is known to be daring and spunky, it is also surprisingly appealing among the other shades on the color wheel. Many exhibitors opt to mix the color red into their trade show displays since it stands out and is visually compelling. Red is a primary color that can be complementary to green shade.


The color orange stands for confidence, cheerfulness, and friendliness. This color can be one of your best choices if you aim for a warm and comfortable trade show booth for visitors. The orange shade is used to emanate assurance and confidence to consumers while using its welcoming warmth to draw interested clients at the same time. Orange is complementary to the blue color scheme.


The yellow color denotes warmth, clarity, and positivity. Many believe that the yellow shade represents the real color of happiness. Hence, incorporating yellow schemes into your trade show displays will send a message to your audience that your business is welcoming and cheerful.

Like the orange color, yellow is frequently used in trade fairs since it exuberates warmth and radiates optimism. Using this color in your next event will surely draw a huge number of attendees to your booth stand. One of the best colors to complement yellow is purple.


The green color means growth, healing, and peacefulness. It is unsurprising to see green as a representation of sustainable movements, for it represents progress and serenity. So if you belong to a type of business that wishes to connect to the audience through restorative color, then incorporating green into your booth displays would be ideal.

Furthermore, it is an excellent way to showcase the innovation and advancement of your brand over time. The green color scheme is complementary to red.


The blue shade denotes strength, dependability, and tranquility. Therefore, if your business is portraying a bold and reliable brand then consider putting a blue color scheme into your trade show displays and graphics. In doing so, you are showing your audience that your products and services are safe and steady. Blue is complementary to the orange color scheme.


The violet color stands for sensibility, creativity, and imagination. So if your trade show marketing theme wants to express inspiration and artistry, then violet is just the shade you are looking for. This color portrays the message of ingenuity and resourcefulness to trade show visitors.

Moreover, Violet is a smart choice if you are launching new products or you belong in an industry field where creativity is necessary. Note that the violet shade is complementary to yellow.


The color gray stands for calmness, neutrality, and balance. Opting for a neutral color like gray presents a relaxed and composed sensation to your target audience. Its purpose is to convey a calm feeling, yet it shows stability and reliability.


The black color denotes sophistication, power, and authority. So if your business promotes regal and prestigious products and services, then choose black as your primary color. Although black is commonly used as a background color, similar to gray, white, and brown, it presents elegance and formality once used as a primary trade show color scheme.


If your business’s goals and values are not aligned with the brand’s current trade show color scheme, don’t worry. You can simply choose colors for your trade show booth displays that will complement your business’ brand.

In addition, don’t be afraid to mix and match or do something out of the box. There is a handful of colors available to create the ideal color scheme for your enterprise that will be ideal for reflecting your brand’s message and goals.

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