The Greatest Places To Travel For Hunting

If you enjoy hunting and have a hunger to travel the world, this article sets out some of the best locations for you. I’ll let you know what you can expect to find in each place. You can then base your plans on the type of hunting you most enjoy. So without further ado, let’s jump right in and start with South Africa.

South Africa

This location is easily accessible no matter what direction you are coming from, because of the travel links. If you enjoy big game hunting such as the Cape Buffalo, the Lion, and the Elephant, this is your place. There are also lesser-known animals such as the Situanga, the Lesser Kunduk, and the Gerenuk. Have a look on the internet at these great creatures. No wonder South Africa is the top hunting destination in the world! You’ll have comfortable accommodations and huge game reserves to keep you occupied. 

You’ll find the world-famous Kruger National Park here – it’s the largest of the game reserves at 19,485 square kilometers. That makes it bigger than New Jersey. There’s also the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park and the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. You can expect to see White Rhino, Nyala, Suni, and Gnu as well as Buffaloes and the more usual big game animals.


Just as South Africa boasts of its rich biodiversity, so does Argentina. This is because it is close to the southernmost continent – Antarctica. That does mean you’ll need to pack some warm clothes, however. We’re talking heavy-duty garments like you’d need for extreme sports. You can hunt in any month of the year, but the best weather is to be experienced in March, April, and October.  

You’ll locate Water Buffalo, Stags, and even Puma (in the south) if you are up to the challenge. There’s also the Blackbuck Antelope. There’s a wealth of birds too, be they waterfowl or doves and pigeons, and you’ll find them here all year. It’s a top location for bird hunters. If you stay near Cordoba, you’ll have about 50 million doves to choose from.

Water Buffalo hunting

As with South Africa, you will be able to find very comfortable accommodation. This country is well prepared for you because it’s one of the best regulated and most organized hunting destinations globally.


The terrain here is flat, marshy, and with extensive areas of forest (over 40% of the land). You can join Stalker Groups for the latter. The country is an ideal background for your hunting trips, including big game. Start by hunting the national animal – the European Bison in the southern part of the country – and then move on to the European Wolf, Wild Boar, Elk Roe Deer, and Red Deer. You’ll find deer from mid-May to the end of November, wolves at any time, and bison from October to March. 

Belarus is a landlocked nation in Europe containing 11,000 unspoiled lakes,  making it a haven for fishermen who love to catch Pike-Perch, Crucian Carp, and Bream.


Canada is great for fishing and big game hunting. The skies are also full of ducks and geese. Go during September and October for the birds, once they have migrated down from the Arctic to feed in Alberta. You’ll find Dabbling Ducks, Pintails, and Mallards.

There are White Tail and Deer in Ontario, Caribou, and Hare in Newfoundland, and gigantic Bull Moose in British Columbia. Fishing expeditions can be joined in the North (upper Quebec and Yukon) where you can look for Seals, Arctic Fox, es and Beluga Whales.

In case you’re a big game or a bird hunter, you’ll need to make sure you’re kitted out – not just clothes-wise but for shooting. You’ll benefit from having a rifle with a long range scope, probably with a cartridge of 6.5mm configuration. Don’t be hasty when choosing the best rifle, because there’s plenty to choose from.

Central Asia

Since opening up to tourists, hunters have been drawn to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan because of the mountainous areas. You’ll find wild sheep, Ibex, huge Roe Deer and Red Stags, and the large Asian brown bear to choose from.

huge Roe Deer Hunting

New Zealand

If you enjoy hunting Red Stags, this is the place for you. Travel on safari, by helicopter, or on foot. I would recommend the rutting season, which is March and April. 

At the end of the day, you have to decide whether it’s the terrain you most want, or the animals that you will encounter – or both. Then pack your clothes accordingly and head off to your next adventure. Take a camera too – you’re going to need it!

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