The Importance of Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Workplace

If I ask you to make a list of the things that are critical to the productivity of your employees and the success of your business, what will you include? There are a lot of things you will think of but the chances that the cleanliness of the space is going to make it to that list are very slim.

Cleaning and sanitizing a workplace are some things we think of as essential but not necessarily as a critical component to the success strategy of an enterprise.

A clean and tidy workplace makes sense; it helps visitors, customers, and employees feel more comfortable, but is that all it does?

When we think of cleanliness, we mostly do so in connection to the home we live in. But workplaces are where people also spend most of their time. While in that workspace we touch various surfaces that increase the risk of our coming in contact with dirt and bacteria or spreading them.

That’s because business premises are filled with high-touch surfaces such as keyboards, desks, and shared equipment. It is also due to the fact that these premises attract a lot of traffic, so the number of people who are likely to touch those surfaces is high. What does this mean for your business?

Firstly, a workplace can unintentionally become a center for spreading germs.  Secondly, there are a lot of issues your businesses might be struggling with that are connected to how clean and sanitary the work environment is. But you may have no clues about the origin of those issues.

How cleanliness and hygiene impact your business

The nature of workplaces and the fact that people come from all over the city to your business place make them the perfect setting for transmitting germs. Even before employees and customers get to the office, they are bearing germs collected on the train or bus.

These pathogens and allergens are then deposited in the office, increasing the risk of illness among the people who use the space. If you do not take the right steps to clean and sanitize your office or commercial space, here are some of the issues your business will face.

● Higher rate of employee absences

Your workers will be more likely to get ill and be forced to stay off work. Even when on the job, they may not be at their best because of the presence of pollutants, allergens, and irritants in the workplace. This will have a major negative impact on your business.

● Lower employee morale and reduced productivity

Even if employees don’t take ill, the workplace can hinder their productivity. Spaces that are cluttered and dirty interfere with people’s focus and creativity. Your business will pay the price for an untidy environment through reduced productivity.

Cleaning Lower employee morale and reduced productivity

● Damaged public image

A workplace that is untidy and unsanitary affects visitors on two levels. It will make the wrong impression on the customer and deduct from your business’ rating. At a subconscious level, visitors just won’t feel comfortable coming to the premises.

● Higher maintenance costs

Wear and tear on office equipment are accelerated by dust and bacteria. Carpets and upholstery will also deteriorate faster because of the dirt on their surfaces. These can put a strain on your business finances.

How to keep your workplace clean, sanitary, and organized

Creating a cleaning plan for your business

There are two ways to solve this problem. You can create a cleaning plan to be implemented by the employees of your business or you can hire a professional cleaning service to oversee the cleanliness and sanitation of your premises.

● Creating a cleaning plan for your business

This involves assigning cleaning priority levels to various areas of the workspace and making a list of what to clean or what to sanitize. To make the plan work you need step-by-step cleaning guidelines and clear instructions for cleaning various equipment.

The problem with this method is that it is hard to implement. Your staff may not have the expertise to properly clean and sanitize the workplace. Also, it affects productivity because your employees will spend precious time on activities that won’t contribute directly to your bottom line.

● Hiring a professional cleaning company

This is the preferred way to clean your business premises because it guarantees the best results and helps promote the highest level of workplace efficiency. A professional cleaner will give you the best results because of the way they are set up.

  • A professional cleaner consistently removes dirt from the office by performing cleaning tasks periodically throughout the workday.
  • They will not break your workflow; they are accustomed to how businesses operate and will not interfere with your customers or employees.
  • They exude a professional image that will enhance the reputation of your business.
  • They will clean the premises to industrial cleaning standards and use systems and tools that ensure a consistent level of cleanliness and sanitation every day.
  • Because professional cleaners free you to focus on what is most important for your business, they actually help you make more money.

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