The Importance of Having a Generator in Your House

You won’t ever feel the need for a generator until you face a power outage. A power outage can be an overwhelming problem when you’re not expecting it. To put it into scale, the US experiences at least 3,000 power outages every year. This translates to a whopping number of 41 million people in the US suffering from power outages. These power outages can be caused by a mix of natural disasters or man-made power control. A simple storm can cause trouble in the whole electrical system of the city that can cause unstable surges and inconsistent power outages for a week. Part of the appeal of getting a power generator is protection from natural causes which are out of our realm of control. This article shall be a brief explanation of the importance of having a generator in your house.

Food and Heating

There are a lot of types of generators from the very cheap to the quite expensive. It’s up to you to assess how much money are you willing to invest in a generator. You’ll need to understand that you’re investing money right now so it would payback in the future. Keep in mind that the best inverter generator will keep the fridge working for a while, which means that during long blackouts your food will probably stay unspoiled, saving money on future food replacement. If your generator is capable of keeping your heating and cooling systems on for a while, you’ll be saving the heavy costs of moving your family to a hotel.

Working from Home

If you happen to be someone who works from home, staying connected to the internet and other appliances is of crucial importance. Wasting money because of unstable power in the freelance world is not something that you can easily compensate for. Your computer, printer, and different equipment have to stay connected for you to be able to work. You can’t rearrange your schedule according to random power blackouts, or stop your work every time you face a problem with unstable power. A generator ensures that all the devices you need are connected so you do not bat an eye when the power is out. You’ll also be able to know what’s happening in case of extreme emergencies when you’re connected to the internet or have the TV running.

Medical Conditions

Some people have very important medical equipment in their homes to keep them well. Some people depend on those devices to stay well and not face any medical repercussions. This means that you need to have a consistent source of power that flows to these devices 24/7 for them to be efficient. Generators that can provide a high consistent output should be invested in if you have a medical case.


You are saving a lot of money on maintenance by having a generator. Many would think of generators as a luxury, but they can save you up to $10,000 in repairs of damages a power outage could cause. Frozen piping, ruined appliances, and water overflowing can wreak havoc in your home if left unchecked. So, in this case, the benefits of getting an expensive generator still outweigh the costs. You can ask your electrician if he can devise a load-management system to power everything in your house according to your needs as it won’t all be powered at once.

Whole-House Generators

These are usually the strongest and most heavy-duty generators available in the market. Unlike small or portable backup generators, whole-house generators are connected to the internet electrical circuit and they can power the whole circuit. You can choose to connect it to your essentials to prolong its cycle. Propane or diesel is usually the most used type of fuel used with whole-house generators. They are permanently installed which makes them the best choice to keep your appliances running as it doesn’t require you to be home for it to be activated.


Losing power can turn off many essential security precautions. Losing power due to stressful natural disturbances can make your house vulnerable to predators. An alarm that stops working for hours is an open invitation to anyone looking for an opening to get into your house. Connecting your security system to your backup alarm ensures that your house is protected at its most vulnerable times.

The whole world is running on electricity. We may not feel how important it is until we’re suddenly cut off for a while. There are many types of generators available that can accommodate all the different needs, whether they’re commercial or residential requirements. The importance of generators to people can vary according to their geographical location; some may need it more than others. Future-proofing is key here when you’re looking to save money. A simple power outage could cost you more than the price of a generator, so why not be safe rather than sorry?

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  1. Reading about whole-house generators in this article really helped me figure out what we might need here at home. I can bet that this will really help us avoid any sudden outages that can ruin our study or our work due to the power giving out all around the neighborhood. I’ll prepare for that by looking for any electricians that offer generator installation jobs right away.

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