The Importance of Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a very important issue. Usually, we tend to underestimate how vital it is to check and work on our oral hygiene. Even though our teeth and gums are affected by the level of our hygiene, we must also realize that bad oral health can lead to bad overall health and to the manifestation of diseases that are caused by bad oral health too.

Oral; Overall Health

It is very useful to understand how our oral health is linked to our overall health.

First of all, our mouth is the entrance of foods and bacteria into our organism. Hence, the role of our mouth ( teeth/ gums) is to protect us from bacteria and prevent them from moving through our mouth to other organs and parts of our organism.

Therefore, we can all understand that if our oral system does not operate properly, these bacteria can create infections and inflammations not only in our mouths but in many other parts of our bodies. For example, endocarditis can be caused by the entrance of germs or bacteria from our mouth and their arrival and attachment to some areas of the heart.

The large existence of bacteria in your mouth can also contribute to the development of a  gum infection.

Furthermore, you should be extra cautious of your oral health if you suffer from diabetes or osteoporosis.

Diabetes decreases your body and oral system’s resistance to mouth bacteria. Therefore, a gum infection can very easily occur.

Osteoporosis deteriorates your teeth as it causes harm to your bones. Hence, tooth loss in combination with mouth germs can only cause harm to you.

In addition, the invasion of germs through our mouths can also lead to pneumonia, as they might reach our lungs and cause an infection.

Prevention of dental problems

Except for our overall health, our teeth and gum can be influenced very badly by mouth germs and bacteria. That is why we must take very good care of our oral health. If we do that, we can prevent tooth loss and/or the deterioration of the quality of our teeth which means bad teeth.

Taking into consideration that tooth loss is the most common dental problem we all face at some point in our lives, the fact that good oral hygiene can prevent that on some level is life-saving. Why not do that then?

In addition, caring for our mouth’s health can help us detect dental problems faster.

So how do we exactly care about our oral hygiene?

Tips; advice for a good oral health

The combination of the following can offer you a sufficient and quality routine that provides you with good oral hygiene.

  • having a diet comprised of foods that are not rich in sugar
  • abstaining from smoking ( especially tobacco)
  • drinking a lot of black coffee
  • brushing teeth at least twice
  • using mouthwash
  • replacing toothbrush once every three months
  • avoiding desserts with a lot of chocolate and other foods that can easily stick to your teeth
  • visiting the dentist once in six months

In general, the combination of a good diet and some healthy dental habits can benefit you.

The aim of this text

After reading this text, make sure to evaluate your dental habits and maybe change them a bit. Good oral hygiene is not very hard to achieve as long as you stick to your habits and visit the dentist often. Remember that your oral health is very much linked with your overall health, therefore good oral health benefits your overall health by a high amount.

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