The Importance Of Web Design For A Successful Online Store

Achieving notable success in online sales if you have strong competition can be a challenging task. To succeed, you need to find a way to attract customers and then keep them long enough with quality content to click your CTA buttons.

Nowadays, online stores are an essential part of every successful brand. With a strong online presence, you can more easily approach customers and introduce them to what you have to offer. Keep in mind that when doing business online, it is not necessary to have a sales facility, so an online shop can significantly reduce your business costs.

However, running a successful online store is not that simple. Although it is about selling online, you need to know that this type of sale also requires time and dedication. As in any physical store, the online store’s products must be impeccably categorized, perfectly designed, and clearly described.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about 6 proven tips that can help you with setting up an online shop.

6 Tips for Creating an Online Shop

1- The Main Focus is on Design

According to one of the best web development agencies in Dubai, over 90% of customers decide to purchase because of the visual impression. So, it is clear that the design of an online store is of the utmost importance.

This certainly does not mean that the design should be as complicated as possible. On the contrary, a simply designed site with readable and easily understood content is more than enough to leave a good impression on potential customers. Furthermore, your store’s logo must be displayed, because visitors will remember you by it.

2- Store Description (“About Us” Page)

There are countless options to use when describing your store or brand and whatever you choose, make sure that your “About Us” page is perfectly designed. The description must fit your brand, but it also needs a USP (a Unique Selling Point) to distinguish your brand from competitors. So, make sure that the description of your brand is different and original.

By telling a story about your brand, you have the opportunity to connect with your customers. That way, your clients will have more confidence in you and will not look at you as an anonymous brand.

The bottom line is to tell a story that will show your brand in the best light while being tailored specifically for your target audience. A concise story that will contain all the most important information about you is what you need.

3- Customer Impressions (Testimonials)

When designing an online store, a handy tip is to add the impressions of satisfied customers. This will improve the trust of potential customers towards your brand. As a result, they will make decisions to buy from you more easily.

By allowing people to learn about your brand’s quality products or services in this way, you will send a positive image of your store. For people who have visited your site, the positive impressions of other users will help them make a quick purchase decision.

4- Different Payment Methods

Since not all customers have the same preferences when it comes to payment methods, it is up to you to enable several different payment options. This will prevent potential customers from giving up on the purchase because your website doesn’t offer a payment method they prefer to use.

Payment methods should be prominently displayed to inform potential customers about the payment options before clicking the “buy” button. Top web development agencies state that customers react negatively when the payment option appears only at the end of the purchase process. If none of the offered options suits them, it is quite certain that they will leave your online shop and find what they’re looking for at your competitor’s stores.

5- Customer Support

Web development agencies consider customer support an option that is necessary for every successful online store. Quality customer support should feature options such as contact form, email, social media, or calling a given phone number.

Your website should be designed in a way to offer all of these communication channels to your customers.

For potential buyers to have as few questions as possible about your brand and the buying process, you must explain the whole purchase process in detail (step by step) when designing the site. We also advise you to highlight the FAQ section and update it regularly. This will be of tremendous help to your customers.

6- Your Store Must Be Fully Responsive

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people’s lives and have almost replaced computers for searching for information on the Internet.

For this reason, you need to ensure that the design of your store’s website fits all devices. This will allow customers to visit your store and make a purchase at any time using any kind of device.

To learn more about the importance of responsive web design, check out this article:


An online store requires constant work and improvement if you want to do business successfully. You must listen to your customer’s wishes and needs and change and improve the offer on your website accordingly.

It is the only sure way to succeed in the world of online commerce. You should realize the importance of web design as it is one of the ways to acquire new customers. If you think you do not have much time to do web design on your website, you should collaborate with web design agencies that will do everything for you.

The first thing you should consider is finding good agencies and getting familiar with the web design services they offer. Secondly, you should look at their portfolio so that you can be sure they are going to create and maintain a quality website for your store. If you are not a web designer, hiring one of the best web development agencies to help you out is the only way to succeed in e-commerce.


  1. Ensuring every component of your website works flawlessly is extremely important.

  2. Like your article.I am in the process of creating my new ecommerce website on laravel (laravel is a technology to build sites. So not only functionality is important for me but design also. I am willing to pay lots of attention to design and logo. I want my customers to love my site! Thank you for your tips!!

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