The Importance of Your Diet

The Importance of Your Diet

Most people acknowledge that it is important to eat correctly but do you really understand what a balanced diet is and why you need to eat in this manner?

A well-balanced diet is a diet that ensures your body is supplied with all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to work correctly. This includes maintaining your cells, tissues, and organs as well as keeping them in good working order.

When you lack nutrients your health suffers. You can easily begin suffering from a multitude of health issues which include just feeling tired all of the time to have to deal with a serious medical condition. You will find that you will get more colds and suffer from the flu when the flu bug is around.


Understanding What a Balanced Diet is All About

For your diet to be balanced it must contain foods from all the major food groups. These foods need to be in the correct proportions to each other so that they supply your body with excellent nutrition.

In addition to this, your food needs to meet a certain number of calories per day so that you maintain a healthy weight for your body. When it comes to calories no two people are the same. You need to determine the correct calorie range for you. This is done by taking into consideration your height, gender, body frame type, age, and activity level.

When you learn to eat from all the main food groups and start avoiding foods that contain nutrients that offer no nutritional value, you will be on your way to eating a balanced diet. A good starting point is to avoid foods that are high in sodium, saturated fats, and sugars.


One of the best ways to start eating a balanced diet is to eat regularly. Begin by eating a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do not skip breakfast and try to eat a larger lunch and smaller sized dinner.

When you look at your plate of food try to ensure that it contains all the colors
from the rainbow! Eating a plate of food that is white or light brown usually indicates that you are eating lots of starchy foods such as French fries and fried chicken.

By eating a rainbow of foods you will be including lots of fresh vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and squash, and fruits each day. While fresh fruits and veggies can be more expensive choose those which are in season in your area. Local produce is fresher and usually cheaper and eating this way provides you with variety as the season’s change.


Alcohol is a food that you want to try and limit or avoid totally. It offers no nutritional benefits for your body and can inhibit weight loss. Most guidelines recommend limiting your alcoholic intake to one standard drink each day for women and two for men. Try to include at least two days each week where you do not drink at all.

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