The Influences Used To Enhance Sexual Performance

Sexual health is a continuity of sociocultural, mental, and physical experiences related to sexuality. Sexual health is closely related to human self-confidence

Sexual health is a continuity of sociocultural, mental, and physical experiences related to sexuality. Sexual health is closely related to human self-confidence, respect for others, and contributes to a quality relationship between partners.

Throughout history, sex and sexual health have been a taboo topic, discussed exclusively in the family. However, today is different. People are much more open about different things. There is almost no taboo topic nowadays. Sex is discussed openly, and there are more and more proponents that it is a topic of vital importance to people, and that we should all be informed about it. Many people like to explore the unknown boundaries of sex, and the most common experiences of people are that sex is best under the influence of drugs, as everyone knows today, and it is openly talked about.

Here are some examples of known substances that are used to enhance sexual pleasure and performance.



Alcohol is known to be a good companion for shy people who use buzz to relax, feel more confident, and have a good time. Alcohol has always been considered a strong aphrodisiac. And the truth is, almost every one of us has experienced approaching another person under the influence of alcohol with a clear goal – sex. Certainly, although alcohol is a great thing for fun and a relaxed atmosphere, it should not be exaggerated so as not to cause addiction or instantly opposite purpose- rejection from other sex.



Marijuana is a strong aphrodisiac and increases pleasure during sexual intercourse. Consumers become more sensitive, complexes disappear, and orgasm is prolonged. Most people declare that cannabis relaxes them and causes a pleasant state in which you have lust.

However, sexual desire can sometimes be replaced by the need for sugar and sweets, and some pure varieties cause drowsiness or paranoia.



Ecstasy is probably the most popular drug for fun today, in part for sex. Opinions about its effects during the same are also divided. Ecstasy experts say that everything depends on the composition itself, and with it, you never know what you will get. Sometimes this pill is only partially MDMA, and if you are lucky, then it will be clean. In that case, fans of this drug recommend, immediately throw yourself into sex because it can’t be bad. If, on the other hand, you only get MDA or MDE, then you are left without the grandiose feeling of love that is an integral part of pure MDMA.



Although it is a drug “brought” by homosexuals because it relaxes the soft tissues, sphincter and anus, today it is equally represented among heterosexuals. Poppers actually have the most direct possible connection to the sex of all other opiates. Those who have tried sex under poppers say it is the most vivid experience. And best of all, it’s easy to use – by inhalation, and it doesn’t have a long-lasting effect, and the feeling of dizziness after that, as with other opiates and alcohol. Poppers must be avoided by those with health problems such as. high blood pressure because it can cause a lot of things, from short-term fainting to death. In some countries poppers are restricted, for example, poppers UK sellers are available, whereas in Australia selling them is prohibited.


When Viagra, the first pill for the treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction), appeared, everyone wanted to try it, whether they needed it or not. Viagra increases sexual desire, and everyone knows that. Sexual desire rush through your body under Viagra. However, although Viagra is considered a “blue wizard” in this context, the use of Viagra can exacerbate pre-existing diseases. For example, men with heart disease who take nitrate medications can have dangerously low blood pressure if they start taking Viagra.

We will take the side of most people who in 2020 think that there is no doubt that occasional drug use is a great way to improve your sex life. There are various possibilities to explore sex in the sea of new possibilities that these opiates bring to us.


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