The Know-How of Getting Online Videos in an Instant

In the modern world, we want everything at the click of our fingers, and we have little patience to wait for things, we want everything yesterday. Whether this modern way of doing things is healthy or not is up for debate, but like it or not our on-demand society is here to stay for many years to come.

The world of online videos is no different from any other industry in that we want those videos right this minute, however, many of us have no idea how to go about doing it given the various formats available. Here, though, we will put you out of your misery and give you the inside knowledge regarding how to instantly get online videos.

Online storage facility

We all know how frustrating it is when trying to share a video with your friends, and just when you think it has downloaded you get an error message telling you that the file is too large. Frankly, it is enough to make you pull your hair out and swear a life of abstinence from the online world forever.

However, luckily there are online storage tools available, like Dropbox, where you can share your content, and your friends and loved ones can then instantly access everything at the drop of a hat. No more cursing as that file fails to download for the umpteenth time!

Use an integrated system

Some of us have a platform that we use for all of our online activities such as Apple’s Cloud or Google’s Drive, but did you also know that these platforms can be used to share content with your friends? It could not be simpler to do as your uploaded videos will automatically appear in your system so all you have to do is provide the link to the content and, hey presto, those videos can be downloaded in an instant. Now your friends will marvel at your videos making you the center of attention once more!

upload videos system

Use a converting website

Everybody uses different video technology and sometimes this can become more than a pain as our friends and family just cannot access the content that we have filmed. No matter how hard they try they cannot download anything via social media due to issues with the formatting. Well, help is at hand as experts can advise you how to download your files and convert them into MP3 or MP4 formats so that your peers can easily access them.

Furthermore, if you are a heavy user and are often posting content then you can even sign up to a package that guarantees that all your videos will be instantly available in whatever format they are required in. It sounds like the must-have tool to me!

Use an email service

Maybe you are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to the internet and are still using email as your predominant method of sharing content and contacting people. Some would say that you need to catch up with the modern world, but for the elderly or those stuck in their ways, using email is just fine. There are email transfer services available that you can use to send videos to anyone instantly.

There is often a size limit for free services but this should be sufficient if you are just making videos for a hobby. If you are doing it professionally you should investigate paid services depending on your output which will increase the efficiency of your business.

Use a sharing website

Ok, we have all heard of the world’s most popular video-sharing website Youtube, but this doesn’t mean to say that it should be ignored! After all, there are millions of people using it daily so it must have some good aspects to it. Whether you are just looking to share videos with your friends or you are looking to set up an online video blog, YouTube is the place for you.

All the videos appear in the same format so you will never have any issues instantaneously downloading what you want, and the added beauty is that you can even monetize what you are doing. Hang on a minute, you said monetize? That’s right, the more people that view and download your videos, the more advertising revenue you will create, so use this platform now for effortless sharing of your videos and a potential income.

As we have just learned in the modern world there are many ways to successfully download online videos in an instant. There are online storing systems that automatically take a viewer to content in the correct format or you can use a converting website to do this for you allowing you to view videos in the most important formats such as MP3 or MP4.

Finally, you could use a ubiquitous service such as YouTube, that might even allow you to earn a few pennies. So, welcome to the modern world, and enjoy those videos today!

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