The Main Uses of Smartphones in 2021

For many of us, our smartphones have become the center of our day to day as we use them for everything personal and now particularly with the shift to remote working, we use them for our day-to-day work too, and whilst the main uses of our phones don’t see huge changes over time, there are adaptations that have been seen over the past year or two that may look drastically different from the way we used them in years before, so what are the main uses of our pocket devices in 2021?

Messaging tops the list – It won’t come as any surprise at all but messaging still tops the list, however the method by which this is done may be a little different now. With platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and a few others, it isn’t only text messaging that stands out, but the growing use of voice clips and video messaging too. Adding a little more personality to the message and for some something much easier too and given there had been a period of time where many stepped away from calls and relied solely on text, it is an interesting shift. It may just be a product of the way we use messaging platforms today and something that many platforms are now certainly taking advantage of.

Gaming is on the rise – Changing audiences has led to a huge number of different genres growing over the past few years, and with mobile becoming the primary gaming platform for the majority over this past year, this changing audience has led to the growth of some different genres than would another wise top the list with online slots for example and continues to push gaming choices more suited to this older audience forward, and provides a bit of a difference from the previous favorites where a younger demographic had been kept more in mind.

All things social media – Another that won’t be a surprise at all, but social media usage has also seen a huge rise over the past eighteen months or so too with the biggest names in the likes of Instagram and TikTok seeing steep rises. A little more free time at home has certainly contributed to this, and with remote working looking to be a permanent change it may become something that continues to see enormous growth as those who would usually socialize at work now turn to their favorite social media platforms during the day.

There is of course an honorable mention for work-related activities too, planning platforms with Slack and Teams allow more communication and have become a great tool for staying in touch with other employees without the use of social media, and also the ability to do a little more whilst staying remote.

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