The Many Advantages Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil That Justify Its High Prices

Oils have been ruling our lives for centuries! Can you imagine a life without any of the oils we use these days, especially the oils that made us switch to a healthy lifestyle?

Extra virgin olive oil is one such oil variety that boasts of being the top runner. All good things, however, come at a price that may not be budget-friendly.

Here’s looking at why the costs run high and the many reasons why you should still invest in a good EVOO bottle.


Why Does It Cost So Much?

Extra virgin olive oil has both dietary and therapeutic benefits. The costs for oil extraction rise high due to the production process, lower quantity yields, and the effort to maintain a premium quality standard.

The green olives are picked early on, thereby retaining the perfect flavor and health quotient of the oil to be processed.

Virgin Olive Oil Cost

The oil thus obtained is often in lesser quantities but with a longer shelf life, so consumers can peacefully indulge in the oil’s benefits. Like any other top quality product, it goes through a scrutinized selection process.

Another reason why the costs of extra virgin olive oil are high is that organic producers take on additional, high-cost risks so that factors like atmosphere and pest control can be taken care of.

Even though the procedure is costly and the resultant product comes with a hefty price tag, you can still rest assured it’s worth the investment because the benefits of EVOO are countless.


Advantages Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The properties of extra virgin olive oil make it an essential part of our kitchen and vanity room. The high dose of antioxidants in this oil is beneficial, indeed.

Vitamin E, polyphenols, and compounds like oleocanthal make it a fantastic oil to include in your day-to-day needs. Let’s review the many benefits of olive oil that will certainly ease your life a bit.


Nutritional And Health Benefits

Extra virgin olive oil benefits make it nearly impossible to rule out its existence in everyone’s daily life.

The oil reduces inflammation and protects against heart disease. According to some observations, the olive oil-rich Mediterranean diet is the reason for lower cardiovascular deaths in that region.

Since EVOO is rich in antioxidants, it helps in the prevention of arthritis and also acts as a pain reliever. The liquid fat strengthens your bone health and keeps cholesterol levels and blood pressure in check.

Extra virgin olive oil also aids in relieving from a constipated bowel movement. Drizzling the oil over your food can help your digestive system function better.

Whether you choose to have it as your Greek salad dressing or drink a spoonful every day, EVOO helps detoxify the liver. Furthermore, it helps to prevent cancer too.

EVOO is a winner when it comes to fighting overweight issues and diabetes and helps lose body fat. You can switch to this oil and worry less about your health-related woes.


Skincare And Hair Benefits

Extra virgin olive oil can add health to your body, provide a sheen to your hair, and take signs of aging off your face. You can bet on it, even on your worst hair days!

A good hair oil massage works the trick for acute hair loss, repairing damage, and promoting hair growth. Hair masks infused with extra virgin olive oil make your hair healthy and smooth.

Extra virgin olive oil is also your best friend when it comes to the perfect skincare regime. Simply apply the oil on the skin to achieve that flawless look.

EVOO is also a good moisturizer and makeup remover. Just wipe your face with oil dabbed cotton ball and see wonders for yourself!

Since face oils and serums are essential beauty must-haves these days, you can find olive oil as a predominant key ingredient in the skincare products.

The oil also has anti-aging properties, so every time you get bothered about those wrinkles, make sure you put your trust in a good bottle of the EVOO elixir.

olive oil for Skincare And Hair Benefits

Make it an essential part of your bedtime beauty ritual to nourish your skin for that glowy skin.

Extra virgin olive oil is also used in homemade remedies, from soaps to lip scrubs. Make the most of it by adding other essential oils to enhance the impact of these DIY beauty hacks.

Due to its characteristics for being a soothing oil that eliminates any irritation, this oil works great as an aftershave moisturizer.

Its anti-inflammatory quality makes it one of the great options for treating acne-prone skin by soothing the skin and repairing it. The oil is also beneficial in treating sun damage or sunburnt skin.

Extra virgin olive oil is best for treating diaper rashes as well. It rejuvenates the skin and helps in healing your baby’s skin.


Miscellaneous Uses

Extra virgin olive oil is more than meets the eye. You can use it as a wood polish and give you furniture some extra shine. EVOO is also an excellent paint solvent that can remove oil-based paints very effectively.

This oil also serves as an amazing shoe polish. So, the next time you think of shinning your shoes, switch to extra virgin olive oil instead of harsh chemicals.

EVOO can be the best moisturizer for your pets too. This organic oil is entirely safe to rub on the dry areas of your pets during winters when the dry season sets in.

Parakeets enjoy a little bit of EVOO with their food too – only one or two drops mixed with one kilogram of seeds would be an absolute delight for them. Plus, the oil helps birds keep their bowel movement smooth.



Globally, cold-pressed, all-natural extra virgin olive oil is proven to be among the best.

Not only does this oil come to the market after stages of strict observation just to maintain the high quality, but it also has ample benefits that you just can’t overlook.

These many advantages can certainly be overwhelming! But with that many benefits from a single bottle of oil, we can safely say that extra virgin olive oil is allowed to have the price tag.


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