The Misunderstanding While Choosing Jewelry

All jewelry can enjoy the “three guarantees” service. A lot of people think I paid that much for my jewelry and it should enjoy the “three guarantees” service and can be returned and exchanged at any time. Jewelry and other goods are not the same, and can not be returned at any time. Only a few cities have introduced the “three guarantees” policy of jewelry.

Under normal circumstances, in the case of precious metal gold jewelry, if the jewelry sold is to be exchanged, it must be depreciated according to the old jewelry, deducted the depreciation fee, and then replaced.

The Misunderstanding While Choosing Jewelry

If you want to buy red sapphires, don’t rush to ask the price, but first, ask the origin of the gems. Of course, the origin of many red sapphires is not marked on the appraisal book. The place of origin is only the reference for the price, and the boss does not necessarily say it correctly! In addition to the place of origin, you also need to ask: ” Has it been heat treated?” In general, the red sapphire without heat treatment is 2 ~ 4 times more expensive than that with heat treatment.

The price of a gemstone depends mainly on factors such as color, flare, inclusions, weight, and origin. But when it comes to buying gemstones, these general rules are interpreted differently in the eyes of experts. The price varies greatly from different brilliance.

A fascinating gem birthstone ring will surely undergo the most appropriate cut and shine. On the contrary, if the proportion of the cut is not good, the gem will not shine and even leak light, this situation is most likely to occur in diamonds and all kinds of precious colored stones. To retain the weight, the merchant will retain some small holes. After the gemstones are inlaid, it is not easy to be found. This is why many experts buy gems like bare stones.

Removing some of the content is equivalent to throwing money away. When selecting a gemstone, the less the inclusion, the cleaner, and the more transparent the value. However, inclusions are not necessarily deductible for gems. Some inclusions will produce cat-eye effects; as in recent years, the most popular divergent crystal, the higher the proportion of inclusions, the higher the price. Natural inclusions can also be used to confirm the origin of gems, such as rubies produced in Burma, which contain minerals such as gibbsite, rutile, and calcite, and some jewelry collectors, particularly this unheated red sapphire. The price will be 30% to 50% higher than the heat treatment.

We usually judge the cut of a gem by the intensity of the brilliance. Strong brilliance means good cutting. For consumers, how emphasizing the shape, proportion, and depth of the pavilion is not as good as seeing it with their own eyes. Gem cut into what shape, depending on the original conditions of the gem, the shape is good or bad is also a matter of opinion, according to the national conditions, personal aesthetic, designer’s creativity, and other factors. Many young girls may like a heart-shaped cut personalized name bracelet, but those who are new to jewelry settings prefer easy round cuts.

Special note: The shape of the cut has little effect on the price! The same color, weight, inclusions, fire, different shapes of gems, the price difference is at most 10% up and down, never listen to a shopkeeper or salesman who says, “Special cuts are rare, so it is more expensive”. Tips: If you purchase a diamond with a certificate, you should pay special attention to the weight of the diamond indicated in the certificate. If it is just a 1.00-carat diamond, try not to buy it.

If you want to buy it, you can talk about a good discount. Because whether the diamond has reached 1 carat, the price difference is very large, and the weight is just 1.0 carat, there can be no collision missing points. If you can, it is more appropriate to pick diamonds above 1.03 carats. The price of a very clean red sapphire or emerald is quite amazing. Therefore, if you want a clean gem, and don’t want to buy at a high price, it is recommended to pick the one whose flaws cannot be seen with the naked eye. Because you can see the gemstone with a magnifying glass or a microscope, no matter what gem it is, there will be some inclusions.

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