The Most Flattering Swimsuits For Every Body Type

The beach season has arrived and you’re on a constant lookout for a swimsuit that will perfectly fit your body type. With hundreds of swimwear options nowadays and frustrating outdated body categories, this task can be overwhelming. There is no perfect body, but we all strive to look our best possible at all times, especially during those hot summer days spent beside a pool or at the beach.

First and foremost, before rushing to stores for a perfect swimsuit hunt, determine your body type and decide on the best features that you’re looking to flaunt around. Whether you’re trying to accentuate your curves or hide your food baby, getting adequate swimwear can do the trick. Below, we prepared a guide for choosing the most flattering swimsuit model and rocking your beach body along the Gold Coast this season!

1. For a small bust

You may be longing for a larger bust, but if you’re one of the less-endowed ladies, consider yourself lucky when it comes to swimwear shopping! You can pretty much wear any style without having to worry about how supportive the top is. However, if you want to emphasize the size of your bust, opt for busy patterns or ruffles for visual enhancement, or suits with a bit of padding to add contours.

For a small bust

2. For a straight figure

A similar applies to women with a narrower figure, both in bust and hips – they can wear nearly anything they want, depending on the look they’re trying to achieve. If you’re after a curvy shape, consider dimensional details like cut-outs and shirring, which give the illusion of a more hourglass shape and are also super fun and trendy this season. Since there is no need for balancing proportions, this body type allows you to get playful with designs, prints, and those eye-catching ruchings and bows – beach styles that will definitely attract attention.

straight figure Swimsuit

3. For long legs

You’re so ready to show those toned and tan legs to the whole world? You can find fashionable swimwear online and impress everyone at the beach. Regardless of your height, your limbs will look stunning in ’80s style high cuts, either on bikini bottoms or one-pieces, since they extend the length of your natural leg line.

long legs Swimsuite

4. For showing off your waist

If you have the famous hourglass body type, you’re meant for swimwear that will accentuate your tiny waist. Belted bottoms are a must-have swimsuit generally speaking, but especially for those who are proud of their flat stomach. Another way to draw attention to your figure and a small waist is with classy, retro, and sexy high-rise bathing suits.

showing off your waist Swimsuit

5. For hiding your belly

Since summer always arrives a little too soon, never giving us enough time to get rid of those extra kilograms gained thanks to a long period of winter food-indulgence, not everyone is that excited about exposing their midsection. However, this shouldn’t stop you from spending time in a trendy swimsuit of your choosing or decrease your self-confidence. Instead of shying away from swimwear, explore the various options from bikinis to one-pieces that come in cuts that hide your belly just in the right places and flaunt your beautiful figure all summer long.

hiding your belly Swimsuit

6. For slimmer hips

If you are one of the many pear-shaped women, just like Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez, looking to make your hips just a little bit narrower and hence balance out your whole figure, stick with bold patterns or colors on top that will draw the eye from downwards to upwards. And for bottoms, go for higher-cut leg lines and make sure to stay away from cuts like boy shorts, which would only make your hips appear wider.

slimmer hips Suit

It was a long, cold winter, and we couldn’t wait for spring to be over so we can finally free our bodies and slip into one of those adorable new swimsuit models. Stop worrying about whether you’re beach ready or if there’s still some hard work at the gym needed, and, bearing in mind the tips we shared above, go get your dream swimsuit. Get ready to hit the beach, have the sun kiss your skin, and show off that amazing body of yours in a brand new swimsuit! It is altogether a different experience when you swim wearing a drysuit as they have water-resistant properties and have seals at the neck, wrists, and sometimes the ankles to prevent water from seeping inside your body. Order your drysuit from SwimOutlet which are offering a wide collection in it.

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