The Most Important Natural Beauty Swaps to Make in 2019

The world is becoming more conscious of what they’re putting both into and onto their bodies, as well as the environment around them. Historically, beauty products have been notorious for being rife with chemicals and additives that could have negative long-term impacts on one’s health.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to ditch the chemicals and take a natural approach to beauty. Here are some of the most important beauty swaps to make in 2019.

Pure Argan Oil

When argan oil first hit the shelves, it was revolutionary for hair care. Of course, the expense was a barrier for many budget-minded customers. This led to cheaper brands releasing watered down products with labels touting the same benefits as the pure product.

Like essential oils, the purer, the better. When argan oil has been altered, it’s not always possible to tell what impact additives will have on the hair over time. Look for an argan oil shop that offers high-quality products that are undiluted. While the initial price tag may seem like a lot, you’ll save money in the long run based on the quantity of product required to see results.


Deodorant is often overlooked when it comes to switching to natural beauty products. However, the armpit area is surprisingly sensitive to additives. Women, in particular, should be extra cautious when choosing deodorants, as the additives are exposed to the glands and lymph nodes, as well as breast tissue.

Look for fragrance-free deodorants to make an easy swap that will eliminate chemical additives. Deodorants with baking soda as the main absorbing ingredient work for many naturally-minded individuals, though they can act as an irritant to others. Ingredients like shea butter and green tea can be soothing to the skin without the negative health implications.


No one will argue that having some sunscreen is better than nothing when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. However, sunblock is often the lesser of two evils rather than a savior. Sunscreen plays an important role as a beauty product, protecting the skin and reducing the aging impacts of repeated sun exposure. Most foundations and powders even incorporate an SPF for those glamorous summer days.

Unfortunately, most sunscreen brands have a lot of chemical additives. Look for a moisturizing sunscreen that has a limited ingredient list to reap the benefits of sunscreen without experiencing the negative side of this essential product. Be mindful that many natural sunscreens have a lower SPF than their chemical counterparts, so smart sun protection habits are key.


Commercial brands of lipstick often include dyes and preservatives that don’t pass the test for food. However, as any lipstick-loving person could tell you, it’s not uncommon to ingest a bit of this beauty product each time you wear it. From sipping from a water glass to kissing your significant other, those dyes inevitably end up in your system.

Look for naturally hydrating oils and organic dyes for a beautiful tint that won’t zap moisture from your skin or introduce toxins into your body.

Making simple swaps in your beauty products for more natural alternatives is essential for long-term health and wellness, especially for modern makeup lovers and fashionistas.

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