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The Most Interesting Logos Of Automotive Brands

Even children are familiar with car logos. How not recognize the four Audi rings or the three-pointed Mercedes star, especially for city dwellers who come across them all the time? But we do not even think about why such a sign adorns a certain brand of cars.

Logo meanings

Each car logo is thought out to the smallest detail. This is the brand’s business card, which has been worked on by more than one person. And each of them has a certain meaning, and not just a spectacular and presentable sign. So, what did the representatives of the US and European auto industry want to tell us with the logos on their flagships?


If you chose the car with the most elegant and sophisticated design, it would definitely be a Porsche. The most respectable car has a stunning emblem in which the developers have incorporated the entire history of the brand. Thus, the central part of the logo is occupied by the coat of arms of Stuttgart, the city where the company’s headquarters are located. Deer antlers and black stripes are no coincidence – this is German heraldry. The coat of arms of Württemberg on the Porsche logo reminds of the German Kingdom that existed from 1806-1918.


The developers of the logo of this car did not leave room for imagination, officially designating what each detail means:

    • the ring means perfection, versatility, prevalence across the globe;

    • the bird’s wing again speaks of popularity all over the world, continuous development, improvement of the program;

    • black color indicates the observance of traditions that have evolved over the centuries;

    • eye – broad outlook, forward-looking plans of the company;

    • green color – environmental friendliness of production, care for the environment, processing of raw materials;

    • arrow means continuous development, forward movement, productivity, technical progress.


The creators of the “perfect car” (this is how the slogan of the auto concern sounds) present two ideas that reveal the meaning of the emblem. According to one version, it depicts an aircraft propeller against a blue sky. In the second version, the color of the logo is associated not with the sky, but with the flag of Bavaria, where the car factories were originally located. Objectively, the first version sounds more plausible, but the second has a right to exist.


It is a little strange that the carmaker with the motto “creative technologies” has such a restrained and simple emblem. But these two curves also make sense. In fact, the car’s logo features a double chevron, a V-shaped symbol used in architecture and heraldry. The idea to create such a sign came to the founder of the company during a visit to a factory for the production of Polish gears.


Many are sure that the sign of this car brand symbolizes the cross of the Swiss flag. The opinion is supported by the fact that the founder of the company was born there. The truth is a little disappointing because the logo turned out to be just a bow tie. Unexpectedly, optimistic, extraordinary, and for whom it is even too simple, but the sign looks stylish and laconic.


Here’s where it’s really simple – the Mazda logo contains the letter “M” in the outline of a circle. And her graceful curves, in which some saw a bat, others – the wings of a butterfly, and others – a wave – are just the designers’ attempts to make the sign femininely stylish and graceful.


The symbol on the bumper of the legendary car on the one hand means the trinity of auto, aircraft, and marine engines, which were produced by Daimler (the owner of the car brand). On the other hand, the car logo symbolizes the unity of the passenger, mechanic, and driver. The sign looks no less prestigious than the car itself.


The most laconic, but very informative logo. Lightning on an Opel means speed. The brand stood at the origins of the automotive industry, and 120 years ago introduced the world to a car that developed a speed of up to 45 km / h. That was a lot for those times.


The familiar rhombus also adorns the bumper of a Renault car for a reason. If you look closely, you can see a non-existent figure in the logo. At first glance, this is an ordinary projection of a volumetric body, but upon closer examination, the visual effect of the impossibility of existence is obtained. But such an object could well exist. Therefore, the Renault logo symbolizes the desire to create something new, previously impossible.


The most beautiful and romantic logo of all has an equally beautiful meaning and is associated with the brand name. Subaru in Japanese means the Pleiades cluster of stars, and six of them are depicted on the car emblem.

These are car logos, the subtext of which is difficult to guess on your own without knowing the details of the company’s history. And some did not bother and used the names of brands in the symbolism – Fiat, GMC, Ford, Ferrari, Bugatti, Kia, Honda, Nissan.

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