The Most Unique Venues for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be just the way you’ve always imagined it. You should wear the perfect dress, with your partner watching you love and all your closest relatives and friends there to witness just how much you love each other.

Of course, for all of this to happen, first, you need to choose an adequate venue. Although people traditionally opt for classic restaurant-like platforms, getting married in more unconventional locations has become a growing trend among couples. They are all searching for that one-of-a-kind spot for their wedding, and some of them have been successful in finding one. Here are some excellent suggestions.

A Botanical Garden Wedding

If it’s always been your dream to get married surrounded by flowers and all the vibrant colors of nature, then you should do some research and find out if there are any botanical gardens near you. Similar options include a conservatory or even a horticulture center. Of course, you’d have to check if they can allow you to get married there, but many of them can, so you can at least be hopeful.

Other than starting your marriage in the midst of flowers and greenery, many botanical gardens have other attractive features, such as lovely flower beds, fountains, and shrub- or tree-lined paths. Plus, a majority of them have those amazing high glass ceilings, which add a lot to their charm. Finally, with all the flowers there, you won’t have to decorate it much further, which is certainly a good thing.

A Seaside Wedding

When it comes to the most alluring places to perform a ceremony and hold a reception, beaches tend to steal the show every time. The clear waters, the salty smell of a sea breeze, and all the love in the air will definitely make your wedding a special one. There are actually several different options here.

A high rock above the sea is one of them, and a breathtaking cove is another. Fortunately, many seaside cities, especially the big ones, offer such venues and wonderful wedding packages to meet all your needs and desires for your big day. For instance, if you’re Australian and want to make the best of your country’s oceanside scenery, you can find some great wedding venues in Sydney with awe-inspiring settings and beachfront terraces where you and your guests can enjoy good music and cocktails with a view.

A Public Library Wedding

When two book lovers decide to get married, what better place to go through with it than at a public library? Many of them are parts of universities, which can make them even more appealing since their high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and ornate bookshelves might turn your wedding into a historic event.

Generally, public libraries are elegant and classy places, which can make them perfect for an intimate wedding. Not only will you have your favorite people present on your wedding day, but also your favorite books and authors. You’ll probably have to get a permit and provide the library with a precise plan for the ceremony, but other than that, there’s nothing stopping you from getting married in a library.

A Campsite Wedding

You’re a nature lover and, along with your partner, you think that an ideal vacation involves camping and researching the nearby forests and beaches. Then maybe you should let your wedding reflect that. Having a wedding at a campsite allows you to show your guests how much fun camping and being in nature can be, and it can also make the accommodation for all of them much more affordable for you and your partner.

If the campsite is located next to a lake or the ocean, then you’ve probably got a picturesque view as a bonus. To make sure that the weather doesn’t mess up your reception, perhaps you can put up a huge tent where your wedding party can hide in case of rain.

A Zoo Wedding

If you want the tigers to roar, monkeys to clap excitedly, and giraffes to overlook the ceremony on your wedding day, you should opt for a zoo wedding. Most metropolises and even cities now have zoos, so it won’t be difficult to find one near you and get married among all sorts of wild animals.

If you think about it, it will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime experience not only for you but also for nearly all your guests. Make sure you get all the information you need from the zoo management so that you can find the perfect area of the zoo for a gazebo and some elegant chairs and tables for the reception. Some zoos even have rooms, especially for such events, and wedding packages you can choose from.

Also, since you most likely won’t be able to play music from loudspeakers, since the animals wouldn’t enjoy that, you can consider hiring a string quartet or something of the sort instead. The most important thing is to ask how many guests you can invite to your zoo wedding so that you don’t find yourself in an awkward situation with people left outside the zoo gates on your big day.

If standard wedding venues aren’t really your cup of tea, you should find something that is. These are just some of the unique ideas for such venues. If you give it your best, you can probably think of a few others yourself and have your perfect wedding.

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