The Perfect Jewelry for Hip Hop Lovers

In hip-hop culture, it is no secret that jewelry plays a big part in fashion, style, and appearance. Famous rappers are known to wear big chains, eye-catching bracelets, and bling. The bigger, the better, it seems.

We are going to have a look at how the hip hop culture is connected to the jewelry business, and what jewelry to consider if you are a hip hop lover.

Why Jewelry Matters to the Hip Hop Culture

Big jewelry is commonly seen among rappers and in the hip hop culture, and many people associate heavy golden chains with hip hop. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because large-sized jewelry is a symbol of wealth.

Some also believe that the trend has its roots in the insurance a heavy gold chain provides. If there would be a sudden need for money – the jewelry can be sold.

In the case of an arrest, the jewelry would count as a personal belonging, which is something the police cannot take from you the same way they may seize or confiscate money.

A Fashion Statement

These are only theories, and nowadays, wearing gold chains and extravagant jewelry is a fashion statement and an expression, just like cowboy hats are associated with country music, and dark clothes and long hair with heavy metal.

It is worth noting that jewelry wasn’t always part of the hip-hop culture, which further shows the connection between jewelry, trends, and fashion.

What Jewelry to Get?

There are a few jewelers known for their presence on the hip hop scene, and their jewelry style is very unique compared to regular jewelry. Bigger, flashier and expensive are leading words, but as the cost of the materials has gone down in price in recent years, many hip hop-type pieces of jewelry are is now available also to the general public.

When you love hip hop and want to get something that will show off your passion and your style, you should aim for hip hop jewelry that looks expensive. Discrete and subtle is not the way to go, and whatever you buy – you want people to see it, preferably from far away.

Gold Chains

The gold necklace is perhaps the piece of hip hop jewelry most people associate with rap culture and hip hop, and the flashy and heavy-looking chain around the neck that you can’t miss is something you need to consider.


Nothing sparkles like a diamond, so it comes as no surprise that diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and cufflinks are indispensable elements for rappers, hip-hoppers, and those who love the music and the culture.


When you set out to find the perfect jewelry to show off your love for hip hop, you always need to think big. Jewelry should be flashy, shiny, and large in size, and there is no modesty in hip hop when it comes to showing off your bling.

In hip hop culture, appearance is very important, as well as letting other people see who you are, what type of music you listen to and the flashy and shameless culture you are a part of.

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