The Price Of Sightseeing In Lockdown

What do you look for when buying a house? Some home buyers seek the perfect homely feel, the sought-after kitchen island and period features that bring character and a walk-in wardrobe is that bonus we all dream of!

Others think with their head and not their heart and are all things practical. From boiler survey providers to registering titles of possessory land and to scrutinizing all areas of the garden for Japanese knotweed, it can be quite easy to let these important aspects slip your mind.

But now we are confined to our homes more than ever during lockdown, are you regretting your choice? Perhaps you were in the process of viewing properties before the pandemic and now your priorities have changed.

Summer holidays are quickly being canceled and our plans for the warmer weather have diminished. Even a staycation isn’t definite for this year and entertaining the family with the sights of the UK is currently out of the question.

The only way to safely see the famous landmarks of the British Isles at this time is if you are lucky enough to have a view of them from your window. But how much would it cost you to purchase one of these homes to ensure you can still see landmarks no matter how long you are stuck indoors?

Big Ben

Think of London’s skyline and you’ll instantly imagine the clock tower of Big Ben. Is there anything more iconic with English tourism?

The citizens of London have been taking their time from Big Ben since 1859 and if you want to purchase a property with it in your view, you probably won’t have any spare change for a wall clock so you’ll certainly need those bells to tell you the time.

For just shy of £30 million you can purchase 7 bedrooms, an indoor pool, a snooker room, and a private gym. There is also a tranquil roof terrace, which is where you can view this famous landmark.

Tower of London

Whether you’re fascinated by the home of the crown jewels or recoil at the grisly history of the Tower of London, we can certainly say it’s somewhere you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

With 1000 years of history within its wall, the Tower of London has recorded over 400 executions, although it is believed far more were performed in its time.  For £9.5 million, you can enjoy this piece of the past every day.

The property comes with a private wine cellar and bar and is far more luxurious than the conditions the prisoners close by would have endured.

It’s no surprise that the Tower of London is said to be haunted, thankfully you will be living a safe distance away from any ghouls. A private terraced balcony provides the perfect view of the tower from the other side of the River Thames.

Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth II is spending her lockdown at her favorite home, Windsor Castle. Although there are yet to be any sightings of her there, you may be able to catch a glimpse of her by buying a home on the same street as her regal gates.

To be a neighbor of the longest-reigning monarch, you don’t need to be as rich as royalty, but it certainly isn’t cheap. £1,450,000 will buy you a terraced house with views of the castle from the living room window.

The castle has over 1.3 million visitors a year, so let’s hope the double-glazing is in good shape to keep the noises of the crowd out. Be warned, you might struggle to find parking too!

Edinburgh Castle

Home to monarchs across the centuries, Edinburgh Castle is now used as a tourist hotspot. It’s certainly experiencing its quietest period in history at the moment. From grand palace balls to being used as a prison for 100 years, it certainly has shown its versatility.

Nowadays, the most famous event at the castle is the popular New Year’s Eve fireworks that attract visitors all around the world.

This year, whether you want to avoid the crowds of over 1 million people for social distancing reasons or just don’t want to be squashed among others during the cold Scottish December, you can purchase your view.

For £1,388,500 you can buy an apartment with a private balcony with the perfect view of the castle, although for that price you may need to charge an entry fee to your party.

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis is the tallest summit in the UK and over 150,000 people attempt to climb it’s summit every year.

If you’d prefer to give that strenuous mission a pass and simply just enjoy the view of this stunning landmark, you can purchase a home near its base for £625,000.

While this doesn’t seem like an unreasonable cost, when you consider the average house price in The Highlands is only £200,000, you are certainly paying a premium for the view.

However, with eight bedrooms, you can easily make some of that cash back by renting rooms to tired climbers who have completed the 7-9 hour feat.

Blackpool Tower

The idea of a beach holiday seems impossible at the moment, but we are at least able to visit British beaches, even if we do have to stay 2m apart.

When you think of a British summer holiday, there is nothing more iconic than the shores of Blackpool. Donkey rides, 99p ice creams, windbreakers struggling to do their job, and of course Blackpool Tower.

We won’t be able to go inside the tower for a while, but snapping a holiday selfie in front of it is still allowed at least.

For £200,000, you can see Blackpool Tower all day long and flood your social media feeds with the impression you are enjoying a permanent vacation. Although below the average price of UK homes, it’s certainly more than an average holiday budget!

So now you know what’s out on the market, are you going to consider your views a little more after having experienced lockdown for so long? Or perhaps the sight of these every day will just leave you longing to visit these and leave you disheartened.

As many of these properties will set you back millions, maybe it’s better to just save the cash and pay for the price of a family admission ticket this time next year instead.

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