The Raid System in World of Warcraft – What a Beginner Needs to Know

In World of Warcraft, raids have a special meaning – these are difficult dungeons to pass, which are inhabited by huge and ferocious bosses and their retinue, but everyone who is not afraid to challenge them is promised a reward depending on the level of the dungeon.

Raids are difficult to underestimate and overestimate – firstly, this is a full-fledged opportunity to get equipment of epic and legendary quality, which is difficult, and in some places impossible, to get in any other way.

Secondly, this is an interesting activity, since each dungeon differs not only in the bosses themselves, but also in the types of their attacks – someone disappears from the map, someone speeds up, or strengthens their attacks, and so on. Playing each raid is not only profitable but also interesting and sometimes even unique.

This is done to make it interesting for players to farm the same raid many times in order to knock out the entire set of the required level.

Very soon the world of Azeroth will see the first raid from the Dragonflight update called Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible for which it is worth preparing in advance in terms of equipment, otherwise, you will face the first defeat on the server.

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What is a raid

The raid is a special dungeon that contains two minors and one main boss.

Each representative of the dungeon is distinguished by special abilities and rewards and is directly related to the World of Warcraft game plot.

Each boss has strengths, weaknesses, and different abilities to try to end players’ attempts to kill him or disappear from the map to prevent, or block limits and other increased damage for a short time.

Each dungeon requires a minimum equipment strength to be eligible to enter, and accordingly, the boss itself will drop much stronger armor and weapons upon death so that players will gradually build up strength for their efforts to kill the boss.

Raids have different complexity and the following levels can be distinguished:

  • Ordinary
  • Heroic
  • Mythical


The standard raid, without any additional difficulties and is more of an introductory nature, so that players can try out all the basic mechanics and skills of the bosses and their guards in order to prepare for more complex raid formats. The equipment level will be the minimum for the current version of the raid and the boss level.


It gets a little more difficult towards boss abilities and having more strengths and ignoring weaknesses. The health and attacks of the head of the dungeon become stronger and it is much easier to get defeated at this difficulty level. The level of equipment that drops when killing a boss becomes higher and stronger, but still, for obvious reasons, is inferior to Mythic Dungeons.


The hardest dungeon. All bosses and their retinues are much tougher and deadlier, the time for most attacks is reduced, and one mistake is enough to take down the entire raid.

There are plenty of benefits to justify the risk.

Firstly, this is complete and high-quality equipment that is available in the game, so Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible will bring the best variations of boss equipment options that can literally strengthen every class and players will not have to pull loot among themselves. Each class has its own subject.

Secondly, it’s more experience, and raids in themselves bring levels. Of course, it takes a lot of time to kill a boss of this level, but as a reward, you get top equipment and a large amount of experience for your character.

Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible

This is the first raid that users will see since the release of the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft.

Developers at Blizzard always take a break before new dungeons are released after an update to give players time to get comfortable with new lands, get new equipment, deal with skill mechanics, decide on builds, and only then add new content.

The new raid will be Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible.

This is the first dungeon from the update, and according to the game plot, this is a laboratory in which research was previously carried out and evil forces are going to get there and capture all the research received about the possibilities of controlling the planet.

Groups of brave warriors from the Horde and Alliance factions must travel to the disputed territory to prevent this.

As with the previous Shadowlands update for World of Warcraft, players will receive a raid in all types of difficulty, but additional modules from the underground laboratory and the monsters that settled there will appear on a biweekly schedule with the gradual opening of territories.

Players will destroy more than nine different bosses associated with dragons and will have a chance to get items for each of the game classes, so there is no point for players to compete and argue whose drop is now – all gamers participating in the raid will gradually receive equipment.

Traditionally, in addition to the main items and loot, players will receive a special appearance for their equipment and new marks in the achievement book with improved passive parameters and unique mounts.

In total, there will be 5 items of equipment that can be collected in sets, and even the presence of two items will replace the standard parameters for each class with special values ​​that will greatly help in the battle with the boss. Having collected all 5 items, you will receive full-fledged damage, which will depend on the type of the hero’s class and his specialization, but this will be a significant help for speeding up the raid on the Mythic difficulty level.

The developers continue to develop the history of the world of Azeroth, and with each new raid, fragments of the events on the Dragon Isles that players face upon arrival in the archipelago will be revealed. After all, gamers have not yet found out the reason for the disappearance of black dragons, why there are so many centaurs and giants on the islands, and why they are constantly in conflict with the remaining types of dragons living on the islands.

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