The Realistic Cleaning Schedule You Need to Use

Have you been searching for a realistic cleaning schedule that you can follow in the long run? If you do, you have come to the right place. As our lives get busier, sticking to a cleaning schedule becomes more challenging with each passing day.

That’s why I have prepared this practical cleaning schedule for you, which is simple yet includes all the necessary cleaning chores at the house. So, without wasting any time, let’s see how this schedule can help you out.

Planning the schedule

Divide and conquer; should be your motto when maintaining a cleaning schedule. A cleaning schedule is not tiny by any means, but with proper management, you can easily follow it. So, let me break down the plan by dividing it into three different sections.

Daily Tasks

Daily tasks included those slight cleanings we do daily. These might be minor, but if you keep leaving them unfinished, they can pile up and make it hard for you to do after. Your daily cleaning tasks include:

  • Doing dishes immediately after use
  • Wipe down the stovetop, kitchen, and bathroom counter
  • Take out the trash
  • Doing small batches of laundry
  • Vacuum and clean your room (only bedroom)
  • Make your bed, arrange pillows, and fold the sheets and blankets
  • Arrange unorganized toys, study, and work desk

Weekly Tasks

Now that we are done daily let’s move on to some less frequent cleaning tasks. Unlike daily tasks, doing these once every week should be enough to keep things tidy. According to your schedule, add one or two of these tasks to the daily ones. Your daily cleaning schedule should include:

  • Vacuum and mop the whole house, including the stairs and basement
  • Wipe down all the kitchen and electric appliances
  • Wipe down the mirrors in the bathroom and sink
  • Wipe down handprints off the TV and windows
  • Clean your bathroom and tub
  • Clean the inside of your oven and fridge
  • Change the towels and sheets

Monthly Tasks

If you can follow the schedule mentioned until now, consider the majority of the tasks done. There are a few major cleaning tasks left that you need to complete your cleaning goals. So, your monthly tasks include:

  • Wipe down remotes, doorknobs, electric switches, and similar stuff
  • Dust the vents and ceiling around the house
  • Clean kitchen cabinets, dressing closets, and bookshelves
  • Clean the bathroom thoroughly, including the floor and walls
  • Vacuum under the bed, sofa, and cushions
  • Dust and polish the wooden furniture at home
  • Wash the curtains and blinds
  • Organize closets and cabinets

Now that you have a general outline of the tasks and a categorical division, all you have to do is plan these out. You can make a routine around your daily routine and select tasks according to your free time for easier management. You can also click here to learn about various other cleaning schedules.


In the end, I believe my cleaning schedule will help you keep your home well maintained and clean through a busy day. Just keep in mind that, despite our best efforts, sometimes it just gets impossible to follow a cleaning routine, and that’s perfectly ok. Just try your best to keep it simple, and you’ll get ahold of this.

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