How to Pick The Right Jewelry for The Right Dress?

You’ve picked out the right dress. You’ve made the hair appointment, and you have the right shoes. But when you look at yourself in the mirror after trying out the outfit, you think, “Am I really looking good?

Then suddenly a thought hits you. Yes, you’re missing out on some stylish jewelry that will make you and your outfit stand out. Now comes the all-important question – how to pick the right jewelry for the right dress?

Here are a few jewelry tips to help you get the right look.


Think about your neckline

If you’re thinking about wearing a Deep V neckline, it is best to opt for a dainty diamond pendant or long pendant necklaces. One of the best fashion decisions you can take is to wear delicate dangling earrings and a layered necklace in gold with a dark-colored outfit. If you want to have a modish look, you may try out pendants layered in different lengths.

Similarly, a short statement necklace looks amazing with a sweetheart necklace. Statement and layered necklaces look nice with crew neck cut clothing.


Contemporary Jewellery for Your Skin Tone

The right set of contemporary jewellery like, pendants, bracelets, or earnings would never look distracting if they’re a perfect match for your skin tone. The point is you should never appear a little alien with jewelry that doesn’t compliment your skin tone. For instance, it is a good choice to prefer gold if you have dark hair and matte skin.


Chemistry of Warm and Cool Jewellery

Believe us or not, colors do have a science of their own. Try pairing warm colors with cool jewelry and cool jewelry with warm colors. For instance, a pair of warm gemstones such as rubies on top of a plain blue outfit would make a heavenly statement for themselves.

If you are thinking of a black or white outfit, try out pendants, necklaces, or bracelets with canary diamonds, amber gems, or rubies.


The Power of Pearls

Yes, diamonds are the best friends of a girl and literally go with everything but pearls have a class of their own. Pearls can look gorgeous when paired with the colors of the ocean. For instance, stormy greys, deep green, or aqua pair perfectly with pearls. You can even try out pairing a string of pearls of different colors for an eyeball-grabbing contrast.


Avoid being matchy-matchy

It is important for you to always ensure that the jewelry color should not an exact match to your outfit. You may opt for a pop of color or embrace multiple complementary colors if the outfit is all about neutral colors. For instance, you may try out wearing some bright colored jewelry if your outfit is of a neutral color (white, grey, black, etc.) as it will add more personality and color to your look.


Wear flattering jewelry

Different styles of earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets suit different face shapes. If you have an oval or long shaped face, it is best to choose shorter drop earrings or studs. On the other hand, pendant earrings will be a good choice if you have a round or square face. If you’re unsure about the right jewelry, you can go for hoop earrings that complement every face shape.


There is an ocean of knowledge and insights when it comes to coordinating jewelry and outfits like a Diva. Fortunately, you have just accessed some real insider tips on how to perfect your look and choose the right pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for your next social gathering. Find the perfect accessory for your perfect outfit today! Just take a while to remember and follow these fashion tips when you decide to buy exquisite necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets the next time.

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