The Secret Formula To Boost Your TikTok Page

Have you ever had this moment when you got to a place you’ve never been to before you can’t wait to stroll around and discover it first-hand (we refer to relatively normal times, unlike those we’ve all gone through in the past year, with COVID19 making the world a living topsy turvy hell)? You’d be surprised to hear (unless you felt so, too) that such healthy curiosity also emerges when you’ve downloaded some app for the first time and can’t wait to take it for a spin already.

We feel for you, and anyone who finds themselves wishing they could return to some raw feeling they experienced for such a short period until it blew away forever. This article will not speak about getting excited about any new app but focus on TikTok.

TikTok has been in the game for less than three years, and since its release, it hasn’t stopped evolving and offering its users brand new features and app mechanics. However, maybe the only thing TikTok doesn’t teach us is how to create videos that will become viral.

Fortunately, we are here to brief you about everything to consider before shooting your next TikTok video, thus increasing its chances to explode with popularity regardless of the number of followers your page has.

#1 Know Your Audience

One of the most fundamental principles of TokToking is researching what excites your niche’s audience first and adjusting your videos accordingly. Only through videos that provide value could we establish credibility on TikTok and prove to our potential TikTok followers that we’re worthy of their following.

#2 Post 3-5 Videos A Day

The first rule any TikTok newcomer should know is, TikTok promotes users who deserve to be promoted! Since the people getting exposed to our videos aren’t just those who follow us, it’s essential to bombard TikTok with 3-5 new videos daily to establish your rank as an active content provider and show that TikTok is child’s play for you.

Each TikTok video is shown to a different group of people. Uploading several videos each day creates more opportunities to get viral. Maintaining such a routine for several weeks is recommended, and then you can slow down and upload fewer videos instead.

#3 Participating In Challenges And Trends Will Get You On The Highway To TikTok-Fame

If TikTok has summoned such engaging content ideas, why not take them for a spin? Generally, any legitimate way to get TikTok followers you could think of will do the trick in promoting your page effectively.

When you manage a business TikTok page, for instance, recognizing which challenges go well with your product and giving them a unique adaptation will help your product shine and is worth considering.

#4 Finding Inspiration Any Time

As opposed to what people usually think about TikTok, it’s no easy feat at all, no ‘fun and games. If one wants to become viral (and remain so for more than a few moments of glory at that), one should be working night and day to make it happen. There are many takes on how to get trending on TikTok, and some will support one strategy over the other, or vice-versa.

Either way, they all agree that one has to establish a lively and consistent presence on the app by uploading many videos, for one, so that miracles can happen. However, it’s natural that our inner muse will fail to do its job and stop coming up with creative ideas for new videos at some point.

It’s okay! In such dried-out times, we could always check our favorite TikTokers’ page and see what they’ve done recently, thus refreshing our videos’ arsenal and alluring us to potential directions for new videos at any given moment.

#5 Share Your Posts Everywhere!

Since there are myriads of social media platforms, why not use them to your advantage while you can? It’s recommended to share your TikTok videos on other platforms to increase their reach and boost your videos’ overall engagement altogether by doing so.

If you already have a long-standing fan base on another platform that is somehow unaware of your TikTok page just yet, this is the wake-up call they need to start following you on TikTok to never miss out on anything you’ll ever upload.


2021 has begun with a bang, and TikTok is the place where the real magic happens, and endless marketing opportunities await us. Unfortunately, praying for some miracle to happen and make your video viral will get you nowhere.

However, you could make your viral dream come true if you follow our tips and keep going even when you don’t see immediate results in your labor. Rome wasn’t built in a day either, was it?

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