The Top 5 Domestic Tourist Areas in the UK

As we move into the glorious British summer, our thoughts invariably turn to holidays on foreign beaches and idyllic sunsets, yet the Covid pandemic has put pay to holidays abroad, at least until 2022. Many British families are already planning their domestic holiday this summer and with that in mind, here are a few of the best regions of the UK for a summer holiday.

1. The Lake District

Located in the north-western region of the British Isles, the Lake District is a combination of mountains, lakes, and forests; making it one of the top holiday destinations, especially in the summer months.

While the Lake District is contained with a single county, namely Cumbria, it used to be made up of the counties of Cumberland, West Morland, and Lancashire; a total of 2,362 sq km. The Lake District is home to Scafell Pike, which is the UK’s highest mountain standing 3,000 ft above sea level and there are many resorts, small hotels, and cottages for rent. See Google for more information on the Lake District.

2. Norfolk Broads

Set on the east coast, in Norfolk and Suffolk, the Broads are a very popular destination for campers, and for good reason; the views are something else, with more than 200 km of navigable waterways.

Many families rent a barge and spend a couple of weeks in the Broads, which is an ideal location to enjoy the great British countryside. This 300 sq km area is protected, but isn’t exactly a National Park; rather it is managed by the Broad Authority, as waterway navigation is important.

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3. The West Country

The counties of Devon & Cornwall possess a truly unique culture and are an ideal location for a camping holiday in the sun. June, July, and August are prime months and if you search online, you can probably find a last-minute cancellation for a quiet country cottage near the beach.

The West of England usually offers the best of the British weather (palm trees grow in Torquay) and this is, without doubt, the most popular summer holiday destination in the country. If you are into surfing, there are a few well-known surf spots on the Cornish coast.

Ilfracombe is a quaint little fishing village that is steeped in history and spending a week here is recommended if you love long walks along limestone cliffs and beaches.

4. Scotland

As you drive a Land Rover, why not visit the most beautiful part of the British Isles, namely Scotland, the home of William Wallace and the Loch Ness monster? This stunning country takes up approximately one-third of the British Isles, with a 154km land border with England.

There are almost 70 islands that make up Scotland, mainly the Hebrides and Northern Isles, while there are stunning mountains and valleys to enjoy, with old inns and taverns where you can sample the very best Scotch whisky.

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There are some local taverns where you can listen to the local’s tales of sightings while sampling great local beer and spirits.

5. Kent – The Garden of England

The most beautiful county, many would say, Kent is known as the Garden of England, with fertile soil and a temperate climate. Located in the far South-East part of England, Canterbury Cathedral is the oldest cathedral with a long and colorful history and one of many historical buildings to admire.

Fruit and hops are the reason for the garden reference and both are grown all over this green county. There are many campsites close to the coast, plus traditional ports like Dover and Folkstone, which were major launching ports for both World Wars and there is no shortage of local attractions.

The Battle of Britain was fought in the skies above Kent and there are a few museums where you can see the aircraft they flew, both Allied and German.

If you have a reliable all-weather vehicle and have a love of camping, there are so many great places to visit in the United Kingdom, and with the help of the Internet, you can plan a few short expeditions and at least one long holiday before the winter nears. Do check with the government regarding the Covid-19 situation before setting off on an expedition, as things can change very quickly.

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