The Top 5 Marketing Platforms

Research shows that most businesses spend at least 25% of their annual budget on research activities such as marketing. While building brand awareness also uses a large portion of the total revenue, it’s still crucial in keeping a company running.

Business owners should ensure they use all funds intended for various promotion campaigns well. Investing your resources in the wrong platform can reduce the possibility of reaching potential clients. It also leads to the loss of funds that you would use to grow your company.

Here we discuss five marketing platforms that can help you achieve the goals of your ad campaign. We will also explain their features and benefits to help you select the most suitable one for your business needs.

1. Social Media

According to studies, over four billion people in the world use various social media sites. Some of the most popular ones are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

Due to this popularity, businesses are now using different social media platforms to market their business. Some of the benefits of promoting on these sites are better interaction and fast feedback.

If you consider advertising on social media, it’s advisable to identify your target market. After that, determine the apps they use and figure out an optimal timeline. Gathering this information will allow you to come up with a good marketing strategy.

2. Email

Another marketing platform common in most businesses is email. This digital program allows companies to build relationships with leads by sending them detailed information that matches their needs.

You can also use email marketing to maintain the current clients by providing newsletters based on their past shopping history.

Additionally, depending on the software you choose, you may leverage other creative business promotion tools. Such may include customer relationship management (CRM) forms and drag-and-drop templates.

3. Websites

Most business owners view websites as a public brand image explaining the services or products they offer. Still, these platforms can be very reliable in marketing a company. When looking for a website provider for your brand, pick one whose product allows you to interact with page visitors.

You should also ensure that it has other innovative aspects to support your promotion campaign. These may include search engine optimization and embedded or pop-up pages.

The main benefit of using websites as digital marketing platforms is that you do not need to spend a lot of time on the same campaign. Further, website marketing is relatively cheaper than other digital promotion methods.

4. Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing automation platforms are tools that allow companies to simplify all promotion activities. Using these programs will give you a reliable database for all marketing interactions. You can also get various analytics to help you track the progress of specific campaigns.

These programs may also include features like email, social media, and digital advertising. If you would like to get an all-in-one promotion tool, learn more about marketing automation platforms.

5. Search Engines

Search engines are perfect platforms to increase brand awareness at a low cost. Instead of reaching out to targeted clients, these digital tools boost online visibility and send traffic to your sites.

Unlike SEO marketing which involves creating content, search engine marketing (SEM) generates traffic using paid ads. It also allows you to use geo-targeted ads, which direct more relevant leads to your pages.

Select the Best Marketing Platforms for Your Business

Marketing platforms have unique features to suit different business needs. By learning more about them, you can identify the most suitable one based on your brand’s needs.

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