The Top 5 Times You Need a Party Bus

Have you ever tried to plan an event only to realize the nightmare that comes with organizing rideshares, taxis, or designated drivers? It can be a true hassle to get everyone in your party from one place to another in a safe, timely fashion.

You may have thought about a vehicle rental service in the past – but often, they are expensive and let’s be honest, limo-type cars are a pain to climb in and out of.

Instead of trying to organize taxis or cram people in limos, you really should consider renting a party bus. We’re going to tell you the top 5 times that you need a party bus for your event and why it’ll be the choice you’ll never regret!

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Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Even if you are keeping your wedding party to a small number, it is likely that other people will want to join in the fun. Unfortunately, getting everyone from the home or the hotel to the restaurant and then to multiple bars gets complicated – especially when there’s drinking involved.

One of the easiest ways to solve this issue is by renting a party bus. Generally, a party bus rental will have room for up to 25 people, which should allow for all of your friends to join in!

You can schedule the bus to pick your group up at a certain time from a centralized location or various points and then make your way to your destination. You will be dropped off close to the front door and won’t have to worry about parking, then you simply return to the bus when you’re ready to leave.

Also, while you are out club hopping or trying to figure out which pub to continue drinking at, the party can continue, instead of focusing on driving or who is riding with whom.


High School Dances

High School Dances

Another great reason to rent a party bus is for any high school dance. These buses will allow for groups of friends who attend together to ride to and from their dance with friends.

Additionally, a party bus can make a great ‘after-party.’ Vehicle rental services are strict about ensuring no underage drinking takes place because of hefty fines and other legal action. This means that your teenagers can have fun with their friends while remaining in a safe environment.


Out-of-Town Concerts

If you’ve ever attended a concert that is an hour or two away from your hometown, you already know that getting there is part of the fun – but the drive home isn’t always as great. By the end of the show, you’re tired, possibly inebriated, don’t feel like driving, and definitely don’t want to think about traffic; this is totally understandable.

Instead of trying to figure out who is going to stay sober for the drive home or worry about traffic jams, a party bus can help you and your friends enjoy the entire night. Again, your evening can begin and end at your chosen destination, ensuring everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

The other upside? Party buses are known for their awesome sound systems; you can karaoke to the artist’s songs all the way to the show!


Brewery and Vineyard Tours

Brewery and vineyard tours are a fun and relaxing way to spend the day with your friends. However, if you choose to attend one or multiple tours, there is a decent chance of getting yourself over the legal limit to drive.

To avoid this issue, you can stay in a hotel near your destination, plan for rideshares and taxis, or hope for a couple of volunteer designated drivers. All of these options involve the hassle of planning and the possibility of it failing.

You won’t have to worry about how your friends will get home when you choose to rent a party bus. You can pre-game during the ride to the venue and no one has to worry about consuming one drink too many. A licensed chauffeur will take care of all the driving; you just have to keep the party going!


Tailgating Before the Big Game

The last event that you should consider a party bus rental is for your favorite team’s big game. Renting a chauffeured vehicle will usually allow your group to have special parking and will ensure all of your equipment makes it to the destination in one trip.

You will have the enjoyment of easy access to air conditioning or heat without having to sit in your car, away from your friends. You can also make use of the party bus’ wet bar to keep beverages cold and the bench seats for little ones that may have had too much fun.

Renting a party bus for a tailgating event may seem like overkill, but once you try it, you will likely make it a tradition!


Overall Benefits of Renting a Party Bus

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, renting a party bus will allow you and your friends to arrive home safely from any event, which should always be a top priority. It can also keep you out of legal trouble that stems from open containers or parking illegally.

Aside from the legal benefits, you can also look forward to a hassle-free day or night of fun, relaxation, and not having to worry about rideshares. You get to keep the atmosphere going as you travel to your destinations and have the ability to keep your beverage of choice in hand.


Finally, any time you choose to rent a party bus, it will be an event to remember. Your friends will always look back on any party bus occasion and recall it fondly, reminiscing over stories that happened last night or ten years ago.

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