The Top 5 Ways to Get More Inbound Leads

While outbound lead generation tends to bring in faster results, it is way expensive and distractive. Imagine an ad that runs in between a favorite match or TV show. People might enjoy the first one, but the subsequent ones could be a bother for most people.

What if you did the opposite. Rather than initiating contact with people who haven’t asked for it, what if you capitalized on leads that initiate contact with you. These are people who have already found out about you probably through social media or websites or have been referred by other people. You only need to use creative tactics to draw them in and turn them into paying customers.

It might seem daunting, but once you get the hang of it, inbound lead generation becomes easier.

Here are 5 ways you can have more inbound leads coming to you.

1. Make your blog a valuable resource

Starting a blog is a great way to drive traffic to a website. However, many people still struggle with getting traffic and leads even with a blog in place. This is because a blog that has the potential to grow traffic goes beyond just creating content.

For starters, it should be content that people are looking for. Take time to research what people are looking for in your niche. What challenges are they facing? As you create content, do it around these findings. Your blog should be a valuable resource for the people that you are targeting.

In addition, you have to put in efforts to ensure that your content ranks at the top of search results. Otherwise, no one would be able to see what you are offering. Creating content that people are looking for is a good start. Ensure that you are using the right keywords for your blog posts. Investing in SEO packages is a good way to find help from a digital marketing expert. It saves you the headache and assures you of quicker results.

It is also important that you include backlinks in your blog posts as they count when it comes to the Google algorithm.

2. Create valuable YouTube videos

After Google, YouTube is the second largest online search engine. Millions of viewers consume a huge amount of content on this platform. If you look at it, the video is engaging. And, most people, would rather watch a video than read an article containing the same information. This is to say that creating YouTube videos offers you a chance to showcase your offerings to a huge global demographic. However, just like your blog, you need to make a valuable resource for your target consumers. Create content that provides people with the answers that they are looking for.

3. Start a podcast

Podcasts are growing in popularity. The good thing with podcasts is that people can listen to them on the go, or while doing other things. A person just needs to plug in the earphones and enjoy a podcast during the morning walk, while driving, or while doing chores.

Start by creating valuable content around topics that people are looking for in your niche. This is a good way to grow your name as a thought leader in the industry. Focus on growing a loyal audience for your podcast, by consistently producing entertaining and educative shows.

4. Give a clear call to action

Email marketing is very effective in generating leads for a business. However, you must put in the work to build an emailing list.

The above points all focus on building an audience that will continually subscribe to your content. They are a great way to keep your brand on top of their minds so that you are the first brand to think of when they need to make a purchase.

However, you need to take a step further to bring them closer by encouraging them to subscribe to your mailing list. Include a clear call to action at the end of each blog post, video, podcast, or any other content that you create.

Remember to steer clear of spamming people’s inboxes. Share valuable content on a regular basis, and emails about your offerings sparingly.

4. Speak at industry events

Inbound lead generation doesn’t always have to be on the digital platform. Going out there to meet people is also a top way to encourage people to come to you. When you speak at industry events and give valuable insights to your audiences, you are positioning yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

If you are thinking that getting a spot in the big events is an uphill task, it would please you to know that you don’t necessarily need that. People always assume that you are very busy after a big event and might avoid talking afterward. You are also competing with the big fish. If you have nothing exceptional to say, people easily forget about you. On the other hand, you have a high chance of shining in an event with fewer people.


Increasing the number of inbound leads takes testing many strategies and valuables. It can be overwhelming, but it is persistence and consistency that yields results. The above points are proven to be effective. Ensure that you are putting in the efforts to see them work for you.

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