The Top Benefits Of Using An Infrared Sauna

The first description we have for saunas goes back to 1112, but the tradition itself was carried out way long before that to trail back to 2,000 BC. The first sauna is believed to be indigenous to northern Europe, specifically Finland.

The Finnish Sauna was originally dug into the ground for survival rather than a mere need for relaxation. The concept of saunas quickly changed to take the traditional shape we are familiar with today where saunas are built above the ground and supported by wooden legs.

Currently, saunas are considered to be the perfect way to unwind and relax whether on a mental level by taking some time off for yourself, or physically due to the healing properties they have.

However, many people fail to enjoy these 20-minute steam relaxing sessions due to extremely high temperatures that might cause physical discomfort. This applies specifically to people with low blood pressure because any further decrease in their blood pressure might cause them to faint.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

This is why there are some situations where infrared saunas might be more suitable for your needs rather than traditional saunas that depend on extreme heat. Here are some of the main benefits of infrared saunas.

Relaxation Purposes

Unlike traditional saunas which warm the body by warming the air surrounding it, far-infrared saunas target warming your body directly. Assuming what most manufacturers claim, infrared saunas target the body directly with 80% of the heat emitted compared to only 20% of the heat that goes into warming the air.

The difference in operating methods caused infrared saunas to require only 120 and up to 140 degrees compared to traditional saunas that normally operate between 150˚F and 180˚F. This makes infrared saunas a much better option for people who can’t enjoy traditional saunas due to physical discomfort.

Heart Health and Increased Metabolism 

The American Medical Association stated in their journal that the effect of regular visits to saunas is similar to running when it comes to giving a boost to your cardiovascular health. Without having to move an inch, you can simply sit and relax in the sauna’s induced heat and still manage to lose weight.

When your body is directly subjected to the high temperature in infrared saunas, it will start sweating to bring its high temperature down, your heart rate will rise, and by extension, your heart will start pumping blood faster which boosts circulation.

Before jumping to the conclusion that this impact is only beneficial to your heart health, what you should know is that this will also help you in burning calories and lose weight. After enough time using this passive aerobic workout, you will start noticing that your metabolic rate is getting better without having to put your body through stress.

Increased metabolism will help you in losing weight faster, even when you are not engaging in physical activities.

Better Body Shape and Look

Sweating your fats away will not only help you in leading a healthier lifestyle with a healthier body. Other than getting in better shape, infrared saunas might also reduce the appearance of cellulite by shedding the pockets of trapped fats under your skin. Uneven distribution of body fats leads to the appearance of what looks like orange peels or dimpling in the skin.

Cellulite is completely natural and it affects more than 90% of adult women. Losing weight isn’t the only factor that goes into the process of reducing the appearance of cellulite. This is why paying regular visits to infrared saunas and Do try the infrared sauna blanket might be the perfect solution due to the high temperature your body is subjected to.

Relieving Pain and Muscle Tension

Even though working out is essential for the health of your heart and body, still, sometimes heavy training can take its toll on your body and muscles. This is why you must pay attention to the required recovery period your body needs between workout sessions. Infrared saunas have pain-relieving properties that might help you through these periods.

Not only this, but the high temperature might also release muscle tension and provide greater flexibility due to its warming effect on the body which helps in speeding up the recovery period. Some studies even proved that due to these pain-relieving properties, infrared saunas might help people who struggle with joint pains.

Relieving Pain and Muscle Tension

The sun produces infrared heat that is essential for the health of all beings. Integrating a sauna into your routine will help you in leading a healthier lifestyle due to the various benefits it offers. In many situations, infrared saunas triumph over traditional saunas since it doesn’t require as much heat or put a great deal of stress on the body.

Many scientific studies proved that saunas aren’t only good for destressing and relaxing, but they also offer various medical benefits that might help in improving heart health, enhancing metabolism, and relieving joint and muscle pain. 

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