The Top Kinks of 2021

There are some kinks out there that are a little more popular than others. You can try many of these kinks with your sexual partner to see if they’re right for you. Each one has unique rules and concepts for everyone to follow. You might find these to be more entertaining than if you tried plain vanilla sex. But you should plan how well they might work.


Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism are one interesting kink to explore. BDSM is about creating limits and rules for sex. One person is the dominant party, while the other will be subject to pain and discomfort.

The dominant person in a BDSM relationship might spank or paddle someone. The submissive person might be forced to crawl on the floor or do other things.

The leader will enjoy the sexual pleasure of having control over the sexual environment. The follower will feel a different form of pleasure, as that someone might feel aroused by the restrictions and limits one is experiencing while in bed.

BDSM will still require plenty of work rules. The couple should have boundaries and limits for what works, plus there should be safe words for when people should stop. The practice also works in cases where the couple is trusting of one another and ready to experience anything of interest.


Roleplay entails acting as characters in the bedroom. You and your partner are seducing each other while acting in different roles.

Roleplay can entail anything you want out of sex. You and your partner could dress up in costumes and engage in character acting based on the outfits. Sometimes you might use props for sex relating to those outfits or whatever identities you want to play.

The work is about creating something a little different from the norm. Roleplaying entails being someone other than you. It is creative and can help you use your imagination (and maybe some toys) to do something a little differently from what you are used to enjoying in the bedroom. The thrill of roleplaying comes from how you never know what to expect when going somewhere in your work.


Chastity is about preventing the body from feeling excess sexual urges. It entails locking up or securing one’s sexual organs for extended periods. The practice is a little different from what you might expect.

Chastity can involve a man wearing a cage or other features over the genitals. It could also involve a woman’s organs staying closed or limited through a chastity belt.

One sexual partner might force purity on the other to help restrain a person’s sexual desires. By creating limits, the sex one wants will become more desirable and interesting. The person will want to get out there and start having sex with one’s partner after being unleashed.

The person who forces that chastity may also get off on the power that comes with the work. The person will feel interested in sex because that someone will know how to handle the other person. You might be surprised with how well chastity works, especially if you’re interested in something a little different from the norm.

Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

Exhibitionism is the kink wherein the participant gains enjoyment from others seeing them naked or conducting sexual activities. Whether this is in person or online, exhibitionists will often be explicitly open in showing their enjoyment in onlookers seeing themselves in what would normally be considered a private or vulnerable state. Due to the rapid boom in technology and the internet, what was originally a risky kink conducted by the few has now expanded into a commonplace kink where some people even earn money through platforms such as Only Fans.

Exhibitionism is seen as more common amongst men as they have fewer opportunities to express themselves physically compared to women. Women can ‘expose’ themselves through increasingly provocative clothing or within media and entertainment venues (clubs), whereas in Western culture it is uncommon for heterosexual men to do this. This leads to women within the exhibition kink usually being more ‘extreme’ than their male counterparts.

On the flip side to the exhibition kink is voyeurism, the kink of enjoying watching others whilst they are naked or engaged in sexual activity. This can go from a non-sexual context such as the beach, pool, or clubs, to the explicit such as watching others having sex or even watching your partner with others. Voyeurism can be grey in terms of legality so ensure you only participate in this kink with willing participants who are aware of your engagement.

Be Careful

All of these kinks are interesting to see, but be sure to look at how well they can work if you are interested in something. Look at what makes a kink useful and if it’s something you are comfortable in trying. You might have an easier time in the bedroom if you know what kinks are out there and you are planning something you will love.

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