The Top Qualities Seniors Expect from Their Retirement Residence

Moving into a retirement residence can be a great way to downsize and find a place where you can enjoy your retirement without having to worry about cooking, cleaning, managing stairs, or accessing care as you need it.

As you begin your search for a retirement residence, consider the top 5 qualities seniors are looking for when they think about moving.

#1 Independent Senior Living

For many seniors looking into retirement residences, independence and autonomy are at the top of their list. The senior who wants independent living may be looking to downsize, eager to relax and never have to worry about home maintenance or housekeeping, or looking for a home where they can age in place as their care needs to increase.

Independent living means having a large suite of your own with your furniture and décor. It also means having the freedom to be alone with a good book, or socialize with your friends and neighbors, as you decide.

#2 Fitness & Exercise

A retirement residence should offer exceptional fitness options for seniors who want to stay fit and healthy as they age. Some common exercise classes that are great for seniors include:

  • Yoga, as it’s weight-bearing and low-impact, as well as chair yoga for seniors with reduced mobility
  • Low-impact cardio such as dance lessons
  • Tai chi and other exercises that can improve your balance and muscle strength
  • Pool-based exercises

Fitness and exercise classes should also be available for seniors with reduced mobility.

#3 Great Dining Options

Dining is one of the top concerns seniors have about choosing a retirement residence. Varied menu options, heart-friendly and nutritious meals, and top-quality ingredients are what seniors want and expect. They want to be able to approach the chef and talk about their options, as well as have food and snacks available anytime.

One thing you to look for in a retirement residence is a culinary team led by a Red Seal Chef. The Red Seal designation is a trade-based qualification professional chefs can earn only after completing thousands of hours of work in an apprenticeship.

#4 A Retirement Residence that Feels like Home

One of the top priorities for seniors is that they find a residence they will feel comfortable in, a place that feels like home. Some of the ways a retirement residence can feel more like home are having a suite where you bring your furniture or a pet-friendly policy.

#5 Quality Care

There may come the point when you need additional care or assisted living. If you can access quality care with plenty of nurses, massage therapists, dementia care specialists, and other medical professionals without having to move again, you’ve found the right retirement residence.

It’s not just health professionals that make quality care. You may want to look for specialized types of therapy including music therapy or sensory room therapy for dementia, or events like pet therapy.

A retirement residence should feel like home, but with all the amenities. Visit a retirement residence near you.

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