The Top Tips For Learning To Play The Violin

The violin is a wonderful classical instrument to learn how to play but if you are a complete novice then it may seem quite daunting.

Let’s take a look through some tips and advice to start you off on the right footing.

Hire A Tutor And Take Private Lessons

Many new violinists find that the best way to learn is to hire a private tutor or take private lessons. This can be a great way to get you started if you are a complete novice, as they can help teach you the very basics to get you going.

The easiest way of finding a tutor in your area is by doing a quick search on Google, or your favorite search engine, to discover who is teaching the violin close to you.

You should be able to find both private tutors alongside classes and lessons. Prices can vary depending on where you live and the experience the violin teacher has, so it’s a good idea to look around to find the best prices.

One of the best ways of finding a great tutor is by word of mouth, so ask around in your local area or on social media to find any recommendations people may have for you.

Choosing Your Violin

As you may have already discovered there are quite a few different styles of violins available on the market all with different price ranges. A good place to start looking would be LVL Music Academy as they have a vast supply of different violins available that would be suitable for beginners and experts.

If you are a complete novice, and unsure if the violin is the right instrument for you to learn, then it could be a good idea to rent a violin before purchasing one. Many shops offer this kind of service and it’s a good way of trying the instrument out before committing to spend a large chunk of money on it.

One really important aspect to consider before buying yourself a violin is the actual size of the instrument. They come in many different sizes and you will need one that suits your body shape and arm length.

All violins can sound slightly different from one another so it’s a good idea to hear the violin played before spending your hard-earned money. Either try it out yourself, if you know how to play, or ask for a demonstration on the violin being used so that you can fully hear how it will sound.

Self Teach

Some people may find the method of teaching themselves a better and cheaper option than taking private lessons. If you are completely new to playing the violin a good idea would be to take a few lessons first to help you understand the basics before then moving on to teaching yourself.

Some many online videos and tutorials can help you self teach, particularly on you tube.

Like everything in life learning a new skill can be difficult and take time, especially if you are trying to self-teach, but it can be a very rewarding experience learning a new instrument so give it a go.

How Long Will It Take Me To Learn

This depends on your musical ability as some people find learning new instruments very easy while other people may find it more of a struggle.

A lot will depend on how long and hard you practice, as the more time you spend learning how to play the better you will become. It can take at least three to five years for most people to learn how to play the violin to a very high standard.

Don’t let that time length put you off though as most people, after a few months, should be able to start playing basic songs and after six months or so you should start to see a big improvement in your playing ability.

Learn From The Best

A great way to improve your musical playing skills is to watch and listen to the masters of the violin. Listening to violin music will certainly inspire you to become better and will motivate you to keep practicing so that one day you can be as good as they are. It’s a great way to inspire you should you become deflated with practicing or if you are not seeing much improvement in yourself.

Watching other violinists play is a great way to get an insight into different ways of playing the violin.

Many people have different styles that are unique to them, so you can try and watch and then replicate how they play when you are practicing.

The Benefits Of Learning The Violin

It is a skill that not everyone can possess and is something you can boast about. Learning to play any musical instrument can help with lowering stress as it has been proven to release endorphins to the brain. Many people use music to help them relax.

It can also help with your social life as it will open up the door for new colleagues and friends who are also interested in playing the violin. The wonderful thing about playing the violin is that it can be played as a solo instrument or as part of a larger collection of musicians.

You could join an orchestra once you become able to play to a good standard or stick to playing solo, either way, you’re sure to have a wonderful time.

It also becomes easier to learn other instruments once you have learned one as you will start to understand how to read music and notes. So should you wish to move on to another instrument you should find it quite easy to learn.

To Summarise

The violin instrument has been around for decades and to this day is still an extremely popular instrument to learn and play.

Although not the easiest instrument to learn it’s certainly one of the most rewarding. So what are you waiting for?

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