The Top Tips You Need for Safe Boating

The summer is here and you want to make the best out of it by visiting places you have never visited. Of course, there will be many fans when you decide to go offshore either for fun or some recreational activities like fishing.

And since you don’t want regrets when drowning in water, you need to know some tips that will keep you safe while boating. That‘s why this article is there for you. Let’s get started.

1. Packing all the needed safety equipment

Mother Nature sometimes can overreact and cause the waters to go haywire. That’s why you should be prepared always to deal with emergencies. Sometimes, it is not the forces of nature, but your vessel collapsing in the middle of the waters.

You need to pack all the safety equipment in your vessel before the start of that engine. Such important equipment includes life jackets, a bailing bucket, an anchor, a whistle, a first aid kit, PFDs for everyone on board, a flashlight, and a paddle among others.

You can also remember a cell phone, some snacks, water, dry clothes, and sunscreen.

2. Getting your boat licensed

You need to follow all the laws of the State and get your boat licensed. You will need to visit to get proof of competency that you may be allowed to get into the waters.

It is always prudent to check Transport Canada’s boating guides to know the updated laws and regulations.

3. Planning your trip

In planning your trip, don’t just concentrate on the food and clothing, be conversant with the routes and nautical charts that you are going to use on your trip.

It is recommended that you fill out the Trip Preparation Form that indicates all your details including the color and name of your boat, your destination, your return time, your travel route, and the names of people on board.

In case of an emergency, this can be used to rescue you. Always check the weather before you get into the waters. In case, the sea gets tough, just go back to the shore.

4. Wearing Fitting Lifejackets

This should be worn by everyone in your vessel. Always get the approved life jackets from Transport Canada, Canada Coast Guard, and/or Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Check the rips and tears before wearing your life jacket.

5. Knowing your equipment/vessel

Vessels have different capacities and capabilities. This means don’t compare your boat with others. Don’t go to strange waters with your new boat. Get real knowledge of your boat when undertaking the boating course.

6. Always ask any disturbing questions before sailing

If you are uncertain about something and you want some clarification, don’t hesitate to ask the officials at the park before starting your sail. They can suggest to you the interesting routes to take, and the ones to avoid.

7. Never Drink and Sail

Just as there are penalties for driving when drunk, so are for sailing when drank. Avoid sailing when you have tipped yourself.


You can make your boating trip interesting and safer in Canada by adhering to the above tips. Remember, to keep checking the rules and regulations to ensure your equipment is in order.

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