The Types Of Women Bags You Must Own

For a woman, a bag is essential. It is amongst the most hard-working, functional accessories filling up your closet but still, you may want to buy more. You can buy as many women bags as you like. But due to budget constraints buying bags unnecessarily is not a wise option. For those who are building up their purse closet, you must know that buying all types of women bags should not be your aim.

Purses and handbags are crucial for a woman because they hold everyday items, keep the valuables safe, and add to their overall look. However, such a simple accessory is now being offered in 100+ styles. When you are shopping for a new purse, you would come across a plethora of options based on prices, styles, colors, materials, etc. However, if you know about the exact purpose of the bag, you can narrow down your choices and ultimately buy the one that suits your aim and your style the most.

Day Clutch

A tailored, neat daytime clutch is a great option if you like carrying smaller bags and want to carry only the essentials. These compact and classy women bags generally do not fit in a phone or lipstick. So, before you buy a clutch, look for extra space so that you do not have to carry your phone in one hand and your clutch in the other. Also, if your mobile is fairly sized, buy the clutch with suitable dimensions.

Clutches are mostly used for adding an oomph factor to the outfit. You can choose to invest in a bright-colored clutch with attractive prints to add quirkiness to your ensemble or go for a simple chic black one if you do not like experimenting.

Day Satchel

This is an essential workhorse handbag. So, make sure the bag has immense space to fit your laptop, notebooks, tablet, makeup pouch, keys, phone, charger, and wallet. If you are looking for a new workbag, this can be your choice.

However, go for the bag which is made using leather and is of neutral color like dark brown or black. This is important because even if you spill your morning coffee over it, the bag would still look like new. While buying this type of women’s bags make sure they lack hardware. This is because multiple logos and hardware can date your bag.

Crossbody Purse/ Sling Bag

This is probably one of the most comfortable women bags being sold. If you are traveling or your work involves moving around a lot, investing in a crossbody purse would be a wise move. This is because you will get a significant amount of freedom of movement and still keep all your precious belongings close to you.

These bags generally come with an adjustable strap and let you increase or decrease their length as per your convenience. Choose a purse that is not too small or too large. If the bag is small, it will not hold all of your stuff, and in case it is huge, carrying it may feel inconvenient. You can buy crossbody purses in any color, shape, and pattern. However, functionality, space, and quality should be paid attention to, as well.

Straw Basket

This kind of bag should be amongst your women’s bags collection if you live in a tropical region or love visiting beach destinations. A straw basket is a great accessory in warmer months when you have to carry numerous things like sunblock, a scarf, a water bottle, sunglasses, etc. An amazing thing about this type of bag is that you can add colorful key chains, scarves, or pom-poms to make it appear trendy and fresh.

These bags come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, and go well with breezy, cool, and summery outfits. You can invest in one if you want to buy an eco-friendly bag that is not made using leather.

Evening Clutch

Investing in an evening clutch is advisable for women of all kinds. Usually, before a fancy date or a grand party like a wedding or birthday party, you would miss having it in your wardrobe. So, instead of waiting for the big occasion, buy an elegant evening clutch. You can buy a metallic one in silver or gold, or a satin black clutch featuring a jewel on its clasp. Women generally do not use evening clutches frequently, and this is why your investment should be timeless.

An evening clutch adds elegance to your entire ensemble and can hold your lipstick, mascara, face powder, keys, and your phone if it is decent in size. You can buy the clutch with a sling to make it more comfortable to carry.

Shoulder Bag

This has to feature in the list of must-have women’s bags. Every woman has a handbag in her wardrobe and tends to use it more than she uses other women’s bags. Due to the size and comfort of shoulder bags, most women often tend to throw all their necessities in them and carry them to work, day out, or even on their holidays.

You can buy a textured suede or rich leather shoulder bag but make sure the fabric is long-lasting and easy to clean. Investing in a cream, tan, brown, black, grey, or maroon shoulder bag is preferred by most ladies because it matches almost all outfits. When you go to buy a shoulder bag, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of options available. Depending on your style, budget, usage, and taste, choose the one that fits all the brackets.

Tote Bag

Almost all ladies own a tote bag. These large-sized bags are perfect for women who have to carry numerous things every day. While buying a tote bag, see if it has a zipper to seal all your things or not. Some women do not like open bags without any zippers or magnet closures because their things tend to fall from the bag. Also, it is very easy to peek inside the bag and many women do not like people doing that.

Try to buy a tote bag with a large handle and broad strips so that you can carry it on your shoulder without any hassle. If you like experimenting, you can buy a printed tote with vibrant colors and handles.

Designer Bag

Your collection of women bags must include at least one designer bag. Choose a piece that looks classy and luxurious. A solid-colored bag made of leather or high-quality fabric can be an option. These bags can be used during the day, during the night, in a business meeting, or at a party. Also, they can be paired with almost all kinds of outfits. You can go for the bag that can stand on its own due to a firm build quality and design. This feature makes the purse trendy.


Having a backpack has become necessary in current times. Apart from being fashionable, they are highly comfortable. The trendy backpacks come in small and cutesy sizes and patterns. You can use them for college, office, or a day out. These are a perfect solution for women who do not like carrying bags on their shoulders.

Backpacks come in a variety of sizes and the actual backpack, which is designed for traveling, is also a must-have bag, specifically if you like traveling. While buying a backpack, consider its dimensions, capacity, and reliability. You would not want your bag to tear or break during a trek in a foreign land, after all.


Wallets come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on your requirements, you can either go for a full-sized wallet or a foldable one. The benefit of having a foldable wallet is that you can fit it inside the pocket of your jeans, in your clutch, or in other small women bags. However, a full-sized wallet can be used as a clutch. You can keep your keys and phone inside it along with your cards and cash.

The Bottom Line

Most of the ladies possess almost all of the women bags mentioned above. If you do possess some of them, you can consider buying them. In case you are building up your bag collection and are confused about which bags are meant for what purposes, take a cue from the list given above and invest in the right bags.

Before buying a bag, pay attention to its build quality and capacity before making your decision over its striking appearance. There is no point in buying a small bag if you like carrying multiple things. Similarly, do not buy an oversized bag if you only carry your phone, money, and keys.


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