The Ultimate Guide to Detoxifying Your Body from CBD

Drug screening has become a regular practice for many employers all over the world. Whether you enjoy cannabis now and then or you consume alcohol regularly, you understand the potential issue of the situation. Even though your weekend practice might not affect your abilities or productivity in any way whatsoever, you still need to be in line with the law and the specific legal requirements of your employer.

That said, in addition to knowing the accepted blood test or urine test results, you should also have a set of detoxifying practices that are natural and harmless to your health. These can help you cleanse your system from any THC residue, no matter the type of CBD products you consume. Plus, since removing any traces of THC from your system often comes with a few side effects, there are a few handy methods to tackle those, too, and stay productive at the same time. Here are a few natural cleansing options at your disposal that you can try when it’s time to get tested.

Stop consuming

The very first and the most pivotal step in your detoxing strategy is, of course, abstinence. This might be a mere interruption in your CBD lifestyle and just a way to make sure that you are in line with your employer’s expectations, but it’s also a good way to take a tolerance break to elevate your enjoyment once you go back to consuming marijuana.

To pass your drug test, be it blood, urine, saliva, or hair, you need to take a break from consuming CBD in every possible shape and form, from smoking, and vaping, to consuming edibles. Now that you’ve stopped consuming, you should take your exercise up a notch or two to boost your natural detoxing through sweat and increased hydration. Adapt your nutrition, too, focusing on leafy greens, fiber-rich foods, and protein-packed meals to be full for longer and avoid consuming too many calories, which in turn gives THC more fat to hide in.

Recognize withdrawal and side-effects

If you’ve been living a marijuana-infused life for a while now, and you’re fairly accustomed to its perks, you might have forgotten what abstinence looks like. Steering clear of any kind of CBD and THC for a few days introduces a change to your body, and you might experience side effects such as insomnia, anxiety, nausea, irritability, headaches, and the like.

In addition to removing any THC residue before your screening, you should also take care of these side effects to remain productive, and focused, and restore your sense of wellbeing. Introduce hot and cold showers two or three times per day to boost your metabolism, consume more antioxidants such as vitamin C, and boost your vitamin B intake.

Increase your water intake

Another key step in learning how to pass a drug test successfully is proper hydration. Increased water intake during your detoxing days helps your body flush out THC more easily, process any toxins, and help you get the test results you need to be in the clear.

Plus, if you consume alcohol in addition to consuming marijuana, your body is likely dehydrated, which is a common side-effect of drinking. Drinking more water, some of which you can infuse with lemon juice for a vitamin C boost helps you flush out all kinds of toxins and cleanse your system much more effectively.

Specific detoxing kits for quicker results

Since marijuana tends to stay in your system for longer than many other drugs, especially if you’re a regular user, you’re looking at weeks of THC traces in your system that will have you fail the test.

To prevent this outcome, if you have a test coming up in a matter of a few days, and you cannot change your body composition (in terms of body fat percentage) or cleanse with water alone, you can use specialized detoxing kits. Designed specifically to help flush out unwanted toxins, these kits come with healthy detoxing drinks paired with home tests so that you can keep an eye on your progress.

Your diet plays a key role

Instead of processed foods and junk food high in unhealthy fats, you should restructure your diet to be rich in veggies, slimming fiber, and lean protein. Such a diet promotes a healthy metabolism, allowing you to naturally process the extra THC out of your system, and it prevents water retention by packing on more fat in which you’d store THC.

The vitamins and minerals in your diet will replenish your body with ease, allowing you to detox while coping with the potential side effects. Liver-cleansing herbal teas are a solid option, as well, to hydrate your body and promote natural detoxing.

Abstaining from using CBD products that may contain THC will only get you so far when the time comes to take the test, so there’s a very real need to find natural, healthy ways to help your body filter out the final traces of these substances in time. With a little help, proper nutrition, exercise, and perhaps a few detox drinks, you can speed up the process and allow your body to cleanse more easily so that you can pass that test with your peace of mind (and your job) intact.

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