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There is nothing quite like the look of frameless glass, it’s elegant and unique style simply cannot be matched by traditional, solid options. And, because you can see through frameless glass products, they create a more open-spaced natural look to your property, letting in more natural light than anything else on the market. If you are building a new home or, renovating an existing property, then, you really should consider installing frameless glass products, as long as they are looked after, they will provide and timeless aspect to your property that will add value in both monetary terms and in terms of how your property looks, here are some of the products you can expect to be amazed by:

Much more than just shower doors

If you start to look into frameless glass products then you will no doubt be presented with numerous blogs or companies offering frameless glass shower doors or shower screens. The market however has moved on, even if these companies have not, as such with the leaders in frameless glass products you will find an array of offerings to make your property truly unique.

Sliding doors

The leaders of frameless glass products like The Frameless Glass Company offer slim sliding doors, offering just 17mm sightlines or, ‘edges’, custom sizes, and highly energy-efficient features. Because frameless glass products offer more in terms of ‘view’ and less in terms of ‘bezel’ you will get a better view, in fact, the most attractive products offer almost full-on panoramic views which cannot be matched by any other product on the market to date.

In addition to the aesthetic features offered by frameless glass sliding doors, you will find that is actually more practical, consider not having to open your doors inwards or outwards, and think how much more use of both your internal and external space you could make. Not only that, but because there are fewer parts and, less of a bezel involved you will come to find that frameless glass sliding doors are actually more energy-efficient than traditional offerings. That could mean that you inadvertently save money over time too!

Frameless glass extensions

In addition to sliding doors, the leading frameless glass providers also offer complete frameless glass extensions which offer much more than just glass, they are actually classed as, ‘structural glazing.’ This term should give you some idea as to the strength of frameless glass products, one might think that glass is going to be a problem or not offer the same structural characteristics as say a wall or a partition.

Well, you may be surprised to know that this simply isn’t the case, the glass has been crafted using super high strength and durability methods, it has been designed to be able to put up with whatever the outside world can throw at it, well, almost. One thing is for sure though, these frameless glass systems are just as, if not stronger than any other similar products that you might find.

Not only do these frameless glass extensions offer strength, but they also offer things like glass-to-glass door hinges, if you aren’t going for the sliding option, 10mm joints, glass to glass junctions which really make the most of the product you are purchasing. In addition to the practical features, their contemporary design will most certainly add much more than you expected when looking at the overall value of your home.

Frameless roof glazing

As if doors and extensions weren’t enough, you also have the option to have frameless roof glazing installed. If having a natural feel to your home in addition to the numerous other benefits is of interest to you then you really should look at what the market has to offer, make some inquiries and get some quotes to further wheaten your appetite.

You’ve likely seen other frameless glass partitions in office settings, albeit for internal use so they won’t have been of the same caliber but, if you haven’t seen frameless roof glazing before then you will be truly amazed at what it can do for your property aesthetically speaking. The amount of natural light that can be allowed into a room or walkway is simply unsurpassable, there are no other words than, ‘utterly breath-taking when taking into consideration the feel and ambiance that frameless roof glazing offers.

All glazed over

You might now be considering how these frameless glass products will look in your home, or in a new build that you are considering constructing, the good news is, that you need to consider or, imagine. These days there is software that allows you to virtually see what your property will look like with these added features, not only will your property be better looking and more energy-efficient, but you may also save some money on your lighting bills too!

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