The Ultra-Relaxing CBD Bath Bombs

There are few better ways to relax than with a calming soak after a long and stressful day. Run a bath, grab a glass of red wine, throw in your favorite bath bomb, and you have the perfect setting to unwind and switch off.

While you might not have thought it possible, baths just got, even more, relaxing thanks to one of the newest CBD trends. CBD-infused bath bombs have quickly become one of the top products within the industry, offering a way to enjoy all of the benefits of bath bombs and the potential health benefits of CBD.

WayofLeaf has several articles that break down how bath bombs work and why you cannot afford to miss out on the latest CBD trend, but where can you find the best and most relaxing CBD bath bombs?

Let’s take a better look at some of the best CBD bath bombs to relax while soaking up the benefits of CBD.

#1. PureKana

PureKana has five vibrant and fun CBD-infused bath bombs designed to help you relax and make the most out of every bath. Each one of PureKana’s bath bombs offers a slightly different experience. Popular picks include an activated charcoal bath bomb for a deep and therapeutic cleanse and beautifully colored midnight rose bath bombs that transform your bathwater.

All of Pure Kana’s bath bombs contain 50mg of their award-winning CBD formula that infuses your bath water, adding an extra calming layer. With beautiful aromas such as almond coconut and eucalyptus, PureKana bath bombs infuse the entire room, turning your bathroom into a spa-like experience.

PureKana only uses the very best natural ingredients to create their bath bombs, including sea salt and Shea butter, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a completely natural way.

#2. Joy Organics

Joy Organics’ lavender refresh bath bombs come complete with 25mg of vibrant CBD and lavender oil for an ultra-relaxing experience that you can enjoy at home.

Using a blend of organic coconut oil and lavender oil, Joy Organics has created the perfect relaxing bath bomb to help you unwind after a long and busy day. Simply run a full tub of water, drop in one of your Joy Organics bath bombs, and watch as it slowly fizzes and fills the air with a relaxing lavender scent.

Joy Organics is committed to delivering high-quality products and building a brand that customers can genuinely trust. One of how Joy Organics does this is by providing detailed lab reports for their bath bombs so that you can see exactly what goes into the making of each bath bomb.

These reports allow you to see a complete ingredient breakdown and a full cannabinoid and terpene list.

Available in packs of four, Joy Organics’ bath bombs are excellent value for money. Each bath bomb not only provides a calming aroma that fills your bathroom but also a fresh burst of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract.

#3. Premium Jane

Premium Jane offers a fun twist on traditional bath bombs with options that include vibrant royal blue coloring and purple glitter. Premium Jane does an excellent job at combining an ultra-relaxing experience with one that also feels exciting.

With each bath bomb containing 50mg of Premium Jane’s famous CBD formula, you can soak up all of the unique potential health benefits of CBD while enjoying the relaxing properties of bath bombs.

Each one of Premium Jane’s bath bombs offers its unique aroma that fills the room, leaving you with the sensation of a spa visit, rather than just your bathroom. Options include calming lavender, vibrant raspberry, and soothing almond and coconut.

Premium Jane’s CBD bath bombs are a fun way to wind down after a busy day. From the movement that you drop your chosen bath bomb into the water, you cannot help but feel relaxed as you watch the water turn a rich blue with the jasmine bath bomb or the tub fill with glitter with both Premium Jane’s lavender bath bomb.

As with all of Premium Jane’s products, their bath bombs deliver a high-quality, premium-feeling experience. Premium Jane also provides detailed lab reports before shopping so that you can see exactly what goes into creating such premium bath bombs.

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