The Virtual Goldmine: 4 Online Jobs that Bring in The Big Bucks

The internet age is a more relevant reality than it has ever been for those of us who have lived to see grow from its infant stages when dial-up internet frustrations were the norm to now when 5G connectivity and Wi-Fi can be found in places without running water.

The upshot of the digital revolution is to be felt in almost every aspect of our lives, and perhaps none more so than in the way we work. Today, it’s possible to work remotely in virtually any field that doesn’t strictly call for your physical presence as long as you have a working internet connection and an internet-ready device at hand.

Little wonder then that such a rapidly increasing number of us are making the choice to break out of the world’s offices and earn our living working from home, or wherever it is they might be. Let’s highlight some of the most attractive online jobs out there in terms of the rewards to be had for the effort you put in.

SEO Professional

If we’re living in Google’s world, then SEO (search engine optimization) skills rank up there with surgical abilities when it comes to sheer usefulness. Companies are always looking for ways to attract organic traffic to their websites, which improves the visibility of their brands and thus boosts their competitiveness.

Everyone wants to be on page one when the search results come up, and if you’ve got the skills to make this happen in some of the incredibly competitive niche market segments, then you’re golden. Six-figure salaries are not unheard of in the field for those with the know-how to get rankings up without resulting in potentially ban-worthy black hat SEO practices.


Starting up a blog is as easy as falling off a log thanks to blogging platforms such as WordPress. The tricky part comes in when you try to get up the numbers that will allow you to earn a substantial income.

Viewership is, perhaps, only the first step, as most financially successful bloggers will make the bulk of their earnings through affiliate marketing or the sale of digital products to their audience.

The beauty of blogging, aside from the fact that you can do it from virtually anywhere in the world, is that you are at liberty to choose any topic under the sun that you feel has the potential to attract readers to your pages.

There are successful blogs on topics ranging from how to incorporate government bonds into a day-trading portfolio all the way to guides on reading your pet’s moods in all situations – with anything else you could probably think of in between.

While it might be rather unreasonable to expect your blog to be the absolute first original page discussing your niche topic of choice, you should take heart in the knowledge that there are plenty of viewers around, and if you have the knack for reaching people with words, you can quickly win over a sizable audience to yourself.

Marketing Lead on Social Media

The reality of the business world today is that no company can afford not to pay attention to its social media presence and image. While many successful businesses out there have a great wealth of talent when it comes to their work, it often comes about that they are woefully short of social media skills.

Businesses looking to reach wider audiences, engage with their customers more effectively, and hopefully drum up new business may find themselves in need of help when it comes to social media. This is the opportunity that presents itself to you, should you have the relevant social media savvy.

It’s quite possible to have a client pay you thousands of dollars for your work, and if you prove yourself through your results, pay increases are entirely feasible as your reputation grows.

Web Development

A business or organization that doesn’t exist on the web today might as well not exist at all. Web development is one of the most highly remunerated fields in the arena of jobs that can be done remotely, but it calls for persistence and the hardiness to put in hours slogging through buggy code and glitch scripts.

If you have the requisite skills (or considering learning), there is plenty of work available out there, but remember that the competition for them is high as well since the advent of worker aggregator sites such as Upwork coupled with the attractive rates of pay on offer.

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