Thin Hair Styling Tips

If you have thin hair, any professional hairdresser will tell you that it is easy to style. Besides, it does not need extra time on blow drying, and you can simply air dry it in no time. From expert detailed reviews, you can learn which tools you need to make your hair look gorgeous, but before you do it, you have to find your style. Learn how to add the essential volume to flat hair with these easy tips.

Reasons That Cause Flat Hair

Before we make any recommendations for thin hair, let’s find out why you have it in the first place. Some reasons can be prevented or cured. Check them out:

  • The hair gets thin with time;
  • You live under constant stress;
  • Smoking and alcohol can cause thin hair too;
  • You use poor-quality hair styling tools that cause damage to the hair;
  • You’ve lost too much weight recently;
  • Your diet includes multiple unhealthy products;
  • The hair became thin after you gave birth;
  • The head injuries;
  • Chemotherapy or different medications have thinned the hair.

6 Major Styling Tips

Regardless of the reason for your hair to become thin, you have to deal with it now and need to find how to add volume. Don’t worry, there are numerous remedies and tips to improve your total outlook. You can try each tip or pick the one you consider the most helpful.

1. Volumizing shampoo

Stylists believe that you can increase the volume of your hair starting from the shower. Use the high-quality volumizing shampoo, and don’t forget about the conditioner. These products should provide moisturizing effects. Such shampoos will force the scalp to overproduce the natural oils that your hair needs.

2. Protect your scalp from conditioner

Don’t apply conditioner to the roots of your hair. Start the procedure from the middle length and move to the ends. With conditioner on your scalp, the hair will look greasy in a few hours. Moisturize it without touching the roots.

3. Use blow dryer for volume

While you can easily skip a blow dryer in your daily routine, if you want to add extra volume, you can use this tool. Apply a volumizer like a mousse or a spray that nourishes your hair. Dry the hair quickly with the hot tool, and the effects from volumizing products will be activated.

4. Use hands, not brush

Owners of thin hair do not need to brush it too much. You can separate your locks using your hands. It will help to massage your scalp and carefully lift the roots, adding the volume. Use a round brush once the hair is 70-percent dry. Style the hair with a ceramic brush if you want smooth ends. Don’t pull it too hard.

5. Rollers

You can add extra volume using rollers while you are blow-drying the hair. Don’t roll them too high. Use a wide type of rollers. Secure the effect with a spray so that it will last longer and hold till the end of the day.

6. Highlights

Highlights are a great way to visibly increase volume. While they make the hair weaker, you can try a more secure way. Don’t go for touch-ups more than once in several weeks. Use the restoring nourishing masks for your hair.

Enjoy Your Flat Hair

The first thing you have to do is learn how to accept your thin hair. You can do a haircut that will add volume or use any of the tips discussed above. With these simple recommendations, your hair will look flawless.

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