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Things To Know About Fuel Efficient, Hybrid Electric Cars

More than a decade after General Motors launched its first electric car, called EV1; auto manufacturers are slowly but steadily launching new hybrid electric cars in the automotive market. Some recent models are now easily accessible all over the world along with traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Many countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and the Netherlands are eagerly adopting Hybrid automobiles, topping the lists regarding global sales. What exactly is the hybrid electric car and how does it work?

The Hybrid electric vehicle, also popularly known as HEV is a fusion that combines the internal combustion engine as found in conventional vehicles with a propulsion mechanism powered by electricity. The major reason for the development of hybrid cars is to outperform traditional vehicles regarding fuel economy or performance or even both.

Moreover, components installed inside an HEV are not found in regular automobiles that comprise a power splitter that connects both power resources as well as rechargeable batteries that are usually placed at the rear of the car running the electric motor.

Even though there are only a few models of HEVs available in the auto market, there are several others that are in the development stage. Every electric vehicle works differently depending on its competence.

Series hybrids are quite efficient at slower speeds. It relies on an internal propulsion mechanism that supplies energy for the drive-train while the internal combustion engine helps to generate the power required for running the vehicle.

Parallel hybrids are more proficient at higher speeds. They comprise an electric motor as well as an internal combustion engine connecting both to a mechanical transmission.

Power split hybrids merge to some extent both series hybrids and parallel hybrids. They are usually found in newer models of electric cars.

Overall Hybrid electric vehicles are more environment-friendly than traditional cars, and for this reason, these vehicles are set to become the standard for the automotive industry shortly.

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