5 Things Lying Around the House You Can Sell for Quick Cash

Let’s face it. There are times you need some instant cash. Maybe your rent is due, or that last dental visit cost a whopping amount, or you’d like to save a little money for your rainy day fund.

Whatever your reason, quick cash is awesome and never goes out of style.

Take a look around you. We all have stuff we don’t need any longer, and if you use your imagination a bit, you can round up some items for sale and de-clutter your surroundings at the same time.


Here are 5 Things Lying Around the House You Can Sell for Quick Cash:



Now, we’re not recommending that you sell off the chairs you’re sitting on, but most folks have some furniture pieces in good shape that would sell quickly and bring in a decent wad of cash.

For example, maybe you have an old children’s bureau sitting in the basement gathering dust along with a desk that no longer matches the decor in your den. People like finding unique pieces online or at yard sales for quick pick-up.

Craigslist is one of the most popular online websites for selling stuff, and you can post your items for free.

Holding a yard sale in your driveway is also a quick way to attract passersby of a pretty set of wingback chairs you want to sell or any other furniture pieces for a cash and carry deal.


Sports Gear

Here’s another category that can earn you some fast cash. Sports equipment is something we all seem to collect over the years, right?

From footballs to hockey skates to skis, lacrosse gear and many more, selling sports equipment you no longer use will be of value to someone else.

One way is using the website called SidelineSwap. It’s a great marketplace for athletes who post photos of their items with a starting price. There is also an option to instantly purchase with the Buy Now feature, or start a negotiation by making the seller an offer.


Plastic Into Cash

Another profitable method for getting quick cash is by trading in those unused, prepaid debit cards you get on holidays or birthdays.

You may have one or several, so why not sell gift cards to earn some dollars in your pocket?

Every year, $1 billion in these cards go unused. By visiting an exchange kiosk, you can instantly sell your cards for cash. You’re also helping the economy by putting these cards back into retail revenue circulation.


Used Books

Most of us amass plenty of books over the years, including college textbooks that we may no longer need. According to financial experts, you can cash in those books as soon as your semester is over.

There are websites for unloading those unwanted textbooks, and the transaction basically works in four easy steps:

1) You get an instant price quote. 2)Type the ISBNs from your books into the form. 3) Ship for free by using the prepaid mailing label. 4) Get paid promptly via check or PayPal.

The company also pays for any other books you may have.



You may be one of the lucky folks who happen to have a large stash of old silverware and flatware that isn’t getting much use. Many of us are lazy with the upkeep of cleaning these items and maintaining their brilliant polish, so we keep them stored away because they aren’t practical for everyday use.

Antique silverware is an especially hot item you can sell for a nice chunk of change as the saying goes. Look up the current market price of silver before selling your silverware. That way you can get an idea of the amount of cash you may be offered.


If you need the money as soon as possible, you can visit a local antique or pawn shop, and sell it there. They will weigh and evaluate your silverware and hopefully, give you a fair price.

If you look hard enough, every home has items that can be sold for quick cash. Today, there are also wonderful online sites to help you sell your stuff.

Take your time and good luck.

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