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5 Must Have Things You Should Wear Before Biking

One of the best things about biking is that it’s not only a hobby but also a sport. Because it is so enjoyable and a great way to stay fit, when taking it seriously, you’ll need to start wearing the right gear to make sure you’re not only safe and comfortable but also that you’re making the most out of your biking experience. So before you hop on and take your bike out for another stroll, here are a few items you should make sure you’re wearing:

Clipless Mountain Bike shoes

If mountain biking is becoming a habit, it’s time to invest in the right pair of shoes and you’ll see a whole lot of benefits. Wearing regular athletic shoes can be used if you take your bike out every once in a while, but if biking for long distances and rough trails, clipless mountain bike shoes will make your life a whole lot easier. Despite what the name implies, clipless mountain shoes are attached to the pedals of your bike. Clipless mountain bike shoes provide power transfer that helps you pedal a lot easier. That means that since your feet are already attached to the bike pedal, your muscles are pushing and pulling at the same time, enabling a steady force to give power to the bike. You don’t need to worry about losing contact with the bike anymore and just focus on pedaling.

Another reason why clipless mountain bikes are extremely beneficial for regular cyclists is that they provide extra foot protection. That means that if you happen to hit rocks or hard objects as you’re cycling, your foot will be protected as the toes are designed to withstand the impact and prevent your feet from getting affected.

Padded shorts/trousers

Bike seats tend to feel like you’re being tortured. That’s why, if you’re planning to bike for long periods, it is essential to buy padded shorts or trousers to help give you a bit more comfort. Your bottom will thank you when you provide a more comfortable option as it will allow you to survive long hours without feeling tortured. Depending on the weather, you can purchase shorts or trousers, as they both have the padded comfort as well as the extra stretchiness that allows freedom of motion and flexibility.


Gripping the bike handle for long hours leads to severe friction against the skin, which can result in cuts and blisters as well as dry skin. To prevent that from happening, it is best to wear cycling gloves that help with the friction, prevent sweat from getting in the way, and also allow for a better grip to take place giving you more control of the bike handles. During the winter, full coverage, thermal options, as well as wind protection gloves, are available, whereas, during the summer, gloves with shortcut fingers are a popular option as they are more breathable and prevent the hands from getting too sweaty.

Safety Helmet

Getting on a bike without a helmet is a huge risk to your safety that should be completely avoided. It doesn’t matter if you’re cycling for just a few minutes or several hours, whenever you decide to take the bike out, your helmet should always be with you for protection. Bike helmets are designed to protect the head from impact in case an accident occurs or if you simply fall off the bike. This way, your head is less likely to be severely injured, due to the strong material and cushioning of the helmet. 

Bike helmets come in different types according to your usage, but most of them generally have the same construction, which is not only strong but also super light. The weight of a helmet might not mean much to an occasional rider, but for professional cyclists, it can really differ in the speed at which they cycle and is something to consider when buying a helmet.

Biking Jersey

There’s a reason why you should wear a biking jersey instead of just a normal t-shirt. If you decide to cycle for just a few minutes

There’s a reason why you should wear a biking jersey instead of just a normal T-shirt. If you decide to cycle for just a few minutes, you’ll know why. The amount of sweat released when cycling is undeniable and that’s where biking jerseys come in handy. The fabric is designed to keep you dry when you should be soaking in your sweat, and also to keep you cool in the heat. Most jerseys also come with a long zip for ventilation and back pockets where you can carry items or supplies you might need for longer trips. 

Having the right gear will enable your next cycling trip to be a lot more efficient and a whole lot more fun. That’s why, if you’re planning on becoming a regular, it is essential to wear the gear necessary to guarantee the comfort, safety, and efficiency you need. 

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  1. Pedals are an important part of the bike and it is one of the points where your body touches the bike. You would know that the pedals of the bike are decided on the type of bike you are riding.

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