Things to Avoid Before Planning Your International Travel Trip

A roller coaster ride, thrilling yet so satisfactory, that is now planning a trip can be described. The plethora of emotions with the many activities that come with planning a trip is the foundation of our journeys. Along these hidden lines can creep in the many little creatures, to eat away at your momentary happiness. Located inside and on the outside, they are well masked in the form of mistakes and often end up escaping our vision. Let’s identify and prevent these mistakes, which make the nucleus or the periphery of our steps during planning.

Visa requirements

This step is the most important, and at times might dictate the selection of destination. Always check with your domestic country and the visa requirements. Read the rules thoroughly to understand if your destination country allows visas on arrival or no visa requirements (depending on your domestic country). Fill in the necessary documents and give yourself a deadline to apply for a visa.

Keep multiple copies (hard and digital) of required documents handy (tickets, visa, ID, hotel bookings, travel documents, etc.)

Passport requirements

You always require this when traveling internationally. If your passport is near expiration, get it renewed as soon as possible. Doing it so just before the deadline can be a tad too expensive. Again, apply early. This is an essential step and any problems caused here can hinder your trip.

Necessary vaccinations

Many countries require mandatory vaccinations for travelers. Check with the destination country and plan accordingly. In cases of a virus outbreak or similar situations, take precautions by getting vaccinated. Always carry a medical kit with basic requirements and any special medication for preconditions. When traveling to island countries or remote areas it’s always advisable to prepare the medical kit accordingly. Stock up on non-prescription medications and invest in travel insurance.

Booking tickets

The internet has eyes. Yes, the various machine learning algorithms read your data and share it with websites which then flood you with several deals. Beware of that ad section, beaming with prices to your destination. Compare. Tricked by the algorithm and you’re doomed to pay a hefty amount. Never book last minute tickets, they’ll burn a hole in your pocket. It can fluctuate by thousands in a single day. Always compare prices and book early in the week to get your hands on some tasty deals.

Forex card/currency

Make sure you check the exchange rates and get yourself some local currency. Airport currency exchange will end up giving you some sub-standard exchange rates. Always inform your bank about your plans to prevent card freezing in case of fraud or unidentified users. Equip yourself with the basic knowledge of the place and the value of common items.

A better option to travel hassle-free is investing in a Forex card to carry the foreign denomination.

Buy travel insurance

Investing in travel insurance can protect you from any unforeseen circumstances and provide you with the necessary compensation. This is especially important when traveling internationally since your healthcare insurance might fail you. The coverage extent depends on your provider and it’s always better to buy travel insurance online. This prevents the bulk you need to pay to airlines and agents.

One such online company providing travel insurance is Bharti AXA. It covers you and your family with its carefully planned plan. Protecting you from the shadow provides you with a relaxing and hassle-free trip.

Other things to plan to avoid any losses:

  • Check accommodation options
  • Purchase a VPN to access Wi-Fi
  • Don’t book sightseeing options online,(it’s much cheaper on the location)
  • Always carry a travel adaptor for your electronic devices.
  • Carry a power bank
  • Learn a few basic words from the local language and carry a Google translator on you.

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