Things to Consider Before Booking For an Airport Parking

When planning a vacation, it’s normal to enter into a stress-free mode in which you make impulsive decisions without thinking them through properly. You find yourself willing to spend a fortune on things just because you want to avoid any sort of hassle.

So, before you do anything rash, such as ordering a taxi to avoid the hassle of getting to and from the airport, take the extra time and research the airport parking options available and suitable to your needs. Here are a few aspects to consider before you book your parking spot.

Things to Consider Before Booking For an Airport Parking


It’s easy to assume that it will be easy to reach the boarding gate of your flight just because the parking is within the airport. However, there are instances wherein the parking is so huge that you can easily find yourself in a different terminal which is so far away. If you take Newark International Airport as an example, it’s very easy to get mixed up as it is one of the busiest airports and is located in the middle of metropolitan New York.

For this reason, there are numerous parking stations close to EWR parking, which also offer airport shuttles across all terminals. The airport shuttles run frequently from the stations throughout the airport, making the transfer very easy. In that case, the airport parking location doesn’t matter, as long as you’re sure that there will be a reliable means to take you from your car to your terminal. Otherwise, it’s important to understand where you’ll be parking and the possible ways to get to your flight from that point.

Airport shuttle

In parallel with location, the frequency of the airport shuttle is also another aspect to take into consideration. You don’t want to save time on public transportation by taking your car, only to waste time waiting for the airport shuttle to arrive. Check on the schedule of the transfers and align your travel time accordingly. Additionally, make sure that the shuttle arrives frequently and has access to all the airport terminals.  Verify also whether these shuttles are free or come with a cost so that you will come prepared.


When it comes to parking at the airport, the price is usually overly exaggerated, especially if you’re looking to leave your car parked while traveling for a long period of time. However, there are many companies that have identified the need for airport parking and have gained access to many parking stations near the airport.

This way, you get the benefits of taking your car and parking at the airport, without digging a hole in your pocket. There are even airport parking stations that offer discount deals, depending on the travel season. Just make sure that the airport shuttle also passes by these destinations to book your parking, hassle-free. 


It is also important to find out the amount of time you can leave your car unattended at the airport. While some airports allow long-term parking, other parts of the parking lot will only be possible for a short-term stay. Check also if there is an option for you to extend your parking time in cases wherein you cannot come back on your original date planned and need to stay longer abroad.

Make sure that you will be able to contact the parking company remotely in these cases. Also, be sure to park in the right place and get the right parking ticket for it, to avoid coming back to a towed car. 

Read the fine print

Depending on where you’re leaving your car there are many different regulations. That’s why it’s important to read the fine print, so you’re sure you’re not breaking any rules, and at the same time, so that you are aware of your responsibilities as a car owner. Reading the fine print will also arm you with the knowledge of the benefits you are supposed to get in terms of the parking deal such as a lower rate or even a free day for every 30 days that you leave your car parked.

In some parking, you are required to leave the keys, especially when staying for a long time to give them the opportunity to free space for other cars. It’s not always a good idea to leave your keys in someone else’s possession not only for security reasons but to prevent any bumps and scratches that could happen.

leaving your car airpost

Final word

Using your car to get to and from the airport can have so many benefits and adds to making your trip stress-free. For one, you will avoid the stress of having to book a cab. But, it is important to plan where you’ll park your car at the airport and understand all the regulations that come with it, to avoid unnecessary hassles or damages. It’s all about choosing the option that is most suitable for you. 

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