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Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Scooter

What comes to your mind when you hear the words fun and excitement? If you ask us, the first thing we think of is an electric scooter. In the past couple of years, this vehicle has become extremely popular and is becoming more and more wanted with each passing second.

And who can blame all those people that are into it? It provides you with comfort, it is fast and most importantly, you will cut down on the amount of time you spend in traffic. Now, although it is really good to have one, there are still some things that must be considered.

We know that this scooter is very appealing due to its cool exterior but still, you have to be sure that you are buying exactly what you need. If you need some assistance before making any purchase pay attention to these things before you proceed.

Important Things To Pay Attention To

Think About Your Needs

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying this scooter or any other item for that matter, it’s always important to consider your needs in any situation. The same goes for this too! An electric scooter is packed with different amazing features, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are suitable for you. That’s why you should analyze what you want and need before you buy it.

Size Matters

This segment is also very important. Keep in mind that you have to purchase a scooter that is going to be able to fully support your weight. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook this. More importantly, you also shouldn’t choose one that is too heavy because it may be difficult for you to navigate it.

This is especially important for those people who live in a building that doesn’t have an elevator yet they don’t live on the ground floor. Imagine how difficult it would be for them to drag this electric scooter up and down the stairs.


How many miles do you go every day? According to gurus at this question is of great relevance because you need something that is going to meet your everyday requirements. This is equally important as any other trait such as design or weight.

That’s why it would be advisable to first calculate the distance you have every day. It doesn’t have to be one hundred percent precise, but it at least has a rough number. For instance, with e-scooters, you can get a range between 60 to 120 kilometers.

Don’t Forget To Take This Into Account!

Safety & Brakes

In every aspect of our lives, this is something that you must never overlook, especially because driving any vehicle brings some type of danger. This is the most important thing to consider.

What does this section include? Brakes. The first thing that pops into our minds is speed because it is tightly connected to safety in general. Therefore, whenever you decide to purchase this vehicle, focus on the brakes. Since it can catch up the speed very fast, you need to worry about stopping too!

Find A Good Retailer

This doesn’t apply to this purchase only, but it’s generally smart to find a reputable retailer no matter what you’re buying. Sometimes choosing a good retailer is even more important than picking the right electric scooter.

Make sure to obtain the vehicle from an authorized agency. If you are not sure where to find it or whether a certain retailer is reliable, find online reviews that were posted and see who people recommend usually.

Sit-downs Or Stand On?

The market offers two types of these scooters, sit-downs and stand on. Your choice depends mostly on your demands and preferences. It’s worth mentioning that a stand-on electric scooter is suitable for people who have previously utilized manual scooters.


Anything you buy could eventually be broken and that could potentially happen to your scooter. Now, the situation is a little bit different from electric scooters when it comes to service. Not every mechanic shop can help you with it.

The options are quite limited in this case. You can only go to official service centers. Therefore, it would be recommended to get more information regarding the total warranty period, servicing policies, and whether they make spare parts or not before you purchase this scooter.


An aspect that shouldn’t be neglected. Do not ever purchase an electric scooter until you are sure that the battery lasts long enough. Also, another important thing to consider is how fast you can charge it. As time goes by the endurance of the battery will drop but it has to be first-class in the beginning.

Electric Scooter Battery

As you can see, all these things that we listed are easy to check out. It’s important to carefully go through each of them just to make sure that everything is crystal clear. After all, we hope that these facts gave you a clearer picture and a better perspective.

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