Things To Consider Before Buying Ducted Heating And Cooling Systems

There are many places where temperatures are extreme in the world. Australia, for example, sets new climate records almost every year. With such fluctuations sometimes we need heating as well as cooling during the summers. Imagine you came to your home after a hard day at work and it is either freezing cold on the winter nights or is super-hot on the summer days. Such a situation would make you uncomfortable. To get relief from such situations you can use ducted heating and cooling systems which will convert your home into a comfortable oasis during the day as well as at night.

Ducted Heating and Cooling Systems

Ducted heating and cooling systems will keep your entire home cool during the summer and warm during the chilled winter nights. Throughout the property, the ducted systems are installed, and these are controlled centrally through a thermostat. This gives you a controlled temperature all-round the year. Air circulation is made through the vents or ducts of the ducting system which are spread in all rooms and connected with the main system. Although a bit expensive, they can add comprehensive and fast cooling to every part of the property.

Ducted heating and cooling systems have advantages and disadvantages as well. Let us understand in detail.

  1. Advantages of Ducted Heating and Cooling Systems.
    1. The Ducted system is comprehensive and hence suits the heating and cooling needs of large homes with multilevel floors as well.
    2. It is powerful as compared to normal portable machines and hence a perfect fit for larger spaces.
    3. The ducts in a ducted system blend with the house ceiling and it makes your house look beautiful.
    4. The ducted heating and cooling Melbourne systems are easy to be controlled and its zone of operations is flexible.
  1. Disadvantages of Ducted Heating and Cooling Systems
    1. The ducted heating and cooling systems have a complex installation process and hence need professional help.
    2. You will also need to construct a false ceiling to hide the vents of the machine.
    3. It is costly as compared to a normal air condition system.

Even after having certain disadvantages, the popularity of ducted heating and cooling systems is increasing day by day.

Ducted Heating and Cooling Systems

Ducted Heating And Cooling System

Here Are Some Points You Should Consider Before Installing Ducted Heating and Cooling Systems.

  1. Keep the System Limited to a Certain Number of Rooms Only: Most the houses today are spacious and have many rooms. It is quite expensive and cumbersome to install the system for each corner of the house. So, if you own a large home then you should limit the zone of operation of the ducted heating and cooling system. This will increase the efficiency of the machine.
  1. Monitor the Temperature: The temperature of the machine should be kept in a normal position depending on the type of weather outside. Setting the temperature at extremes will cost you and at the same time put pressure on the machine. It is always hence important to monitor the temperature of the system.
  1. Buy Machines with MEPS: MEPS or Minimum Energy Performance Standards gives you the information about the energy consumed by a ducted heating and cooling system. Make sure that the machine you are buying does not exceed the MEPS standards.
  1. Pay Attention To Small Details: The market is filled with a variety of ducted heating and cooling machines. Make sure that you pay attention to the small details like less noise, design compatibility, seamless appearance, and value for money when you purchase one.

It can hence be concluded that there are fair reasons why you should go for ducted heating and cooling systems if you live in fluctuating weather conditions. Discuss with the experts to understand the type of system appropriate for your home.

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