Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Mattress

There are several things that you should consider while buying a mattress to replace the existing one. This will help you to choose the right one according to your needs and thereby save your money from being wasted. It will also ensure that your spine and back health are not compromised so that you experience chronic pain in your neck and back along with several other health issues.

First and most importantly, you should know about the right time to make such replacements. Just like any other product that you use in your home or in your office, a mattress will also have a specific life expectancy through which it will perform to its optimal level. When it comes to the life of a mattress of any type and material the experts say that:

  • You should replace your mattress after every eight to ten years
  • However, manufacturers are of a different opinion and say that it is best to change a mattress after 5 to 7 years.

Changing your mattress is very important not only for the hygiene factor but also for your health reasons. Over time and due to taking on your body weight for so many years for 365 days, it is highly likely to soften and sag. This will surely but gradually reduce the level of support that you need from your mattress.

There are a few signs that will indicate that it is time to replace your old mattress with a new one:

  • Pain in the back and neck
  • A feeling of soreness in your body and joints especially or
  • You find that you can sleep better in other beds.

Therefore, if you feel any of these symptoms when you wake up in the morning it is time to switch your mattress with a new one, even if it is well within the minimum five years life expectancy cap of the mattress.

Your bed frame

Now that you know the right time to change your mattress, it is now required to know to choose a mattress that will fit in your bed perfectly. You will need to do a lot more than read the full review on Turt and Needle for this.

Your bed frames are an important thing to consider while choosing your mattress. If the bed frame is not in great condition, it is time to change your bed too along with the mattress. There are several reasons for this.

  • If your bed frame is not in good condition it will not provide the mattress with a solid foundation to support it as well as you when you sleep on it.
  • If the bed frame is out or there is a broken slat in it, your mattress will sag from the very first day you put it on and sleep on it.

Therefore, if you choose a soft mattress especially, it is very important that you consider the bed frame as well when you replace the mattress to get more comfort, support and value for your money.

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