Things To Consider When Buying A One Hitter Smoking Device

When it comes to smoking a tiny amount of tobacco, the one-hitter is a great choice. Whether you don’t like traditional bongs and blunts, are looking for an on-the-go toking device, or want a quick hit, nothing beats the usability of a one-hitter smoking device.

However, before you rush off to get one for yourself, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

1- You Get Only One Hit At A Time

A one-hitter—also called “today,” “only,” or “bat”—is a slender, pocket-sized pipe that can hold just enough weed for one inhalation. A one hitter can be made from different materials, including but not limited to ceramic, metal, and glass.

A traditional one-hitter can hold roughly 25 milligrams. In other words, they are just about perfect for someone who needs only a tiny amount of marijuana for a high.

Sounds like you? Then a one-hitter smoking device might just be the perfect marijuana accessory.

2- One Hitter Devices Are Not For Everyone

Some people smoke marijuana for its health benefits, but most use it to have a good time. A one-hitter smoking device is more suitable for the second type of user as it provides just a single hit at one time.

smoke marijuana for its health benefits

3- There Are Different Styles Available

While the most popular traditional one-hitter pipe is one that looks just like a cigarette, there are several other style options available to you.

Besides the cigarette look-alike, you can purchase a one-hitter in the following styles:

  • Sebsi – This is a Moroccan smoking pipe featuring a narrow clay bowl. Its stem is made of wood, and it can be up to nearly 18 inches long. Sebsi is typically used for smoking kief (cannabis trichomes) or a mixture of cannabis with herbs or tobacco.
  • Chillum – A chillum is a small, straight, and conical pipe with a channel connected from one end to another. Made of clay, chillum pipes are used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, and other herbs.
  • Midwakh – Made of wood, glass, metal, or bone, midwakh is a Middle Eastern way of smoking marijuana.
  • Kiseru – This is a Japanese smoking pipe made of bamboo and metal. Traditionally, it was used for smoking kizami, a finely shredded tobacco. However, today, it’s a huge hit among marijuana smokers.

4- You Can Buy A One-Hitter For Just $10 (Or Even Less)

As more people learn about the joy of smoking marijuana flowers, an important question presents itself: Which marijuana accessory is better for newbies—a bong or one-hitter? The answer depends on your priorities.

Are you looking to spend as little as possible on your first marijuana smoking device? Do you want to enjoy your favorite flower in public places?

If you said “YES” to either or both of the questions, a one-hitter might just be right up your alley. While an average one hitter smoking device costs about $10, a quality glass water bong can set you back by $100 or more.

Also, since a one-hitter device is small and typically looks like an ordinary cigarette, it makes for a perfect marijuana smoking companion for those who like to enjoy a short, quick hit in public places. The same, however, can’t be said about glass bongs. Although recreational marijuana is legal in several states, using a bong in a public place, given its size, is hardly something many of us would like to do.

5- You May Need A Few Trial Runs Before You Get The Consistency Of The Bud Right

Using a one-hitter is pretty simple, but packing the perfect fit requires a little practice. Your stash must have a nice consistency to it. However, at the same time, you shouldn’t break the bud too finely. If you do that, the pipe will burn too fast and you may end up with a mouthful of ash.

As far as the question of how to use a one-hitter is concerned, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Flip your pipe upside down and press it against your stash till the flower is packed tightly
  • Lift your one-hitter and place its mouthpiece end in your lips
  • Light the flower and inhale slowly and deeply


A one-hitter smoking device is hugely popular today. If you’re thinking of buying one for yourself, remember that this device is best suited for those who are on a budget, want to smoke only a small amount of weed, or need a portable marijuana pipe.

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