Things to Consider While Choosing Period Panties

Despite all the buzz for green living, a lot of things are still not plastic free. One of those is your menstrual products. For example, tampons come in plastic packaging. In all that noise, the best way to go green and sustainable with your periods is to choose period panties by Modibodi.

Period underwear is the most comfortable and natural product to manage menstrual bleeding. These are just like your regular undergarments, yet they are made super-absorbent for those bleeding days.

There are benefits of using these products that are encouraging women and young girls to switch to them. However, the whole purpose can fail if you do not choose the right product. Here are some pointers that you should consider to make a more informed and mindful choice while buying period panties.

● Consider full disclosure on material

One of the biggest reasons ladies are drifting towards this menstrual care option is impeccable comfort. While most brands claim to use the best quality material, it is important to cross-check.

Make sure that your period underwear is made of natural material that is comforting to your skin. It should be breathable with fabrics, like hemp and cotton, to avoid any kind of discomfort down there.

● Check certification and labels for organic cotton

Just like other product categories, many manufacturers advertise their products to be made of organic cotton. However, most cotton that is said to be organic is often not completely organic. You should check the certification labels and marks from the authorized organizations and institutes to ensure that you buy the right product.

● Choose wisely between panties with and without nanomaterial silver

Nanomaterial silver is a microscopic particle that is used in menstrual panties for its absorbing properties. Some people suggest that these particles can enter your vagina and negatively impact the good bacteria there.

While there is not enough study to show the leaking of nanosilver from these panties, studies have shown that silver can migrate from silver-infused clothing. For that reason, look over the material list carefully to ensure you buy the product according to your preference for nanosilver.

● Assess the material for antibacterial or antimicrobial properties

Just like pads, period underwear is also available with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. In many cases, details regarding these properties are only advertised and not mentioned in the material list. Make sure that the makers are not using chemicals or any unnatural material for these properties before buying.

● Buy with reputed brands and stores to ensure quality for the price

Although a one-time expense, period panties are expensive. The only way to justify their high cost is with their reusability and prolonged usage. For that reason, ensure that you choose the best quality product that delivers according to its cost. A safe way is to go with reputed and trusted brands and stores.

● Learn to wash them properly before buying

Read the washing instructions carefully or ask for them, especially when you are a first-time user. Proper cleaning is instrumental to maintaining hygiene with these reusable products. If not cleaned properly, these can lead to the development of infection, failing the whole purpose of their usage.

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