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Things to Do When You’re In a Hit-And-Run Accident

Car accidents occur regularly and can sometimes lead to fatalities or serious damage. Unfortunately, just because you follow the rules and are taking the necessary safety precautions, it doesn’t mean that you’re on the safe side. Many people don’t just act recklessly while driving but are also afraid of the consequences so drive away before even making sure you’re ok. If you find yourself part of a hit-and-run accident, here’s what to do.

Seek Medical Advice

Seek Medical Advice When Run Accident

Car accidents can lead to severe damage, especially if you or any of the passengers have head wounds. The professionals at Michael  P. Flemming and Associates explain that any accident that results in an unconscious passenger needs to be examined immediately. Especially if there are visible head wounds, an unconscious patient has a lot more chance of coming out of a coma within the initial hours, making it essential to seek medical care immediately.

Call the Police

If you’re involved in a car accident, one of the first things you should do is to call the local police. In most states, when a car accident results in injuries and causes vehicle damage over a certain dollar amount, law enforcement must be notified. However, a hit-and-run means that the other car has committed a crime and needs to be found. There’s no point in trying to run after the person who caused the accident, but it’s best to stay at the scene of the accident and let the authorities do their job.

Getting the police to document as much of the scene of the crime as possible and examine the car, the people affected by the accident as well as any other data can really help when you come to file a complaint.

Take Photos

You never know the details that will slip your mind or what you’re asked at a later stage. Because human memory is unreliable, it is best to take as many photos as possible of things you know you will need and other surroundings that could come in handy. While getting the license plate would be a great start, it isn’t always easy to be that fast when in an accident and the car runs away. However, taking photos of the car, your injuries, as well as witnesses and surroundings, could help you remember details that might be relevant during your case.

Inform your Insurance Company

Your insurance company will need to be informed straight away as they might need specific evidence or information that you can only get during the time of the accident. They might also need to send a representative to examine the situation and let you know how to proceed. Letting your insurance company know as soon as possible will help you stay on top of things and understand what the next steps could be.

Move your Car to the Side of the Road

Move your Car to the Side of the Road

After the police and insurance companies have gotten the information and data they need, it’s time to ensure the safety of the road and get out of the way to prevent other accidents from happening. While it is important to stay in place for the police and insurance to identify as much about the accident as possible, staying there will only cause more trouble and a whole lot of traffic that you’ll want to avoid. Once you’re sure there isn’t anything else you can do, you can move the car to the side of the road and call a tow truck if your car isn’t working or if you’re unable to drive.

Find Witnesses

Talking to those who witnessed the accident, and getting their testimonials and contact information is essential to help you make a better case and can also aid when you file a claim to get the compensation you need. You never know what others could have seen, but maybe someone managed to jot down a license plate number or even witnessed more details that could aid in tracking down the culprit.

Get a Medical Report

When you get the medical care you need or are even checked on by medical staff, you need to ensure that you get a medical report. This could come in handy when building a strong case and filing your insurance claim, especially if you’ve faced severe injuries as a result of the accident. You could find yourself waiving medical bills and even getting compensated for any time off work you might need to take.

Being part of an accident is always a horrible ordeal. However, you must know what you need to do and the steps you need to follow to ensure your safety and also follow the legal requirements needed in situations like these. While your safety always comes first, make sure you gather enough evidence to prove the situation at hand.

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