Things To Know Before Buying A Gaming Laptop?

A gaming laptop is the right portable device, especially when you are somebody who likes to be on the move. Unlike the desktop or the PC type, gaming laptops work for both work-related usage and games.

It is easier to carry around and as powerful as a standard desktop machine. This means that it can be an entertainment tool while providing you exceptional gaming experience due to its processors, graphic card, and heat management system, providing a cooling system to your gaming laptop.

Let’s first list down the differences between gaming laptops and desktops:

Below are some of the common differences between a desktop/ PC and a gaming laptop:

The size

Gaming laptops are smaller in size compared to desktops. Many different types of laptops are even lighter than usual gaming laptops. The size matters when it comes to these highly interactive and appealing laptops.

Portability/ Mobility

Since PCs are heavier in size, they cannot be carried around all the time. A gaming laptop brings portability with it as its central feature. The laptop you have can undoubtedly fit into a bag so that playing games on the go becomes a possibility. These notebooks are mobile and portable.

Battery system

The PC or the desktop systems are connected to the direct electric supply. However, on the other hand, laptops have a battery system that requires charging to keep them running. Some laptops have a good battery coverage system that gives you more than 4 hours of air time. Look for laptops that have a decent battery life, especially for gaming purposes, as playing games drains the battery faster than doing other activities on a laptop.

Wire System

Desktop PCs have a wiring system that keeps everything connected. It requires a monitor/ screen, which is wired to the CPU. If you have an analog keyboard and an older mouse, then the number of wires and cables increases.

In contrast, a laptop is a compact device through which you don’t have to connect an additional keyboard, set up a CPU, or connect a mouse. If you want to combine a gaming mouse, you can easily connect it via Bluetooth. In short, a laptop, or say a gaming laptop is a wireless interconnected device.

Consider these aspects when spending your money on buying a laptop: 

 Central Processor/CPU in the Laptop

Gaming requires a great amount of processing power. Henceforth, buying a gaming laptop with great central processing power is a must. Laptops, specifically designed for gaming, have faster processors that ensure no system crash occurs.

You shouldn’t fear that at any moment a system error will freeze your system, breaking your tempo and sabotaging your experience.

Identify the Best Central Processing Unit for gaming.

Intel Core i7 processors are said to be built to provide exceptional performance. They are mostly found in mainstream computers and laptops. A non-technological person can find out which core-i series processor has been built into your computer by looking at the shiny little stickers pasted on the new laptop.

It’s a trademark to show you how much capacity a laptop holds. Secondly, gamers also prefer AMD’s Ryzen Mobile CPU and AMD’s graphic card chip to increase the processing power speed.

The second important element is the G.P.U. It stands for Graphics Processing Unit.

GPU in the laptop

Your gaming laptop should have a great amount of GPU capacity. A GPU card is slightly different from the RAM. Thus, most of their features are supporting each other. The faster the RAM of your gaming laptop, the quicker the CPU access and processes the information on your laptop screen. When buying a laptop, consider these options for the graphic card such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX, GTX 1080, or GTX 1070 GPU.


This component of your gaming laptop should be above 8GB. Playing games and interactive applications require more power to run the information faster. Simultaneously, the V-RAM (Video Random Access Memory) supports the graphic cards in your system.

This memory helps the data store in the form of images, and once needed, you can immediately retrieve the data; RAM bridges the CPU and the video graphics card, which is essential in gaming. Most of the high-quality games require at least 8 GB of V-RAM in the graphic card.

Cooling system

As reported by Ghostwriting Services Platform Your device gets overheated due to the gaming processor and the graphic card usage in the gaming laptop. Henceforth, a cooling system should be applied to avoid overheating and burning of the machine.

Most gaming laptops have a cooling system to keep the system relaxed. However, those are expensive. If your laptop does not have this system built, do not worry, as you can place a cooling pad that is usually attached to small fans.

This way, you can keep your system safe from heating damage. The other type of coolant is the liquid coolant method which provides phenomenal cooling without making any noise.

The display —size and form

Another thing to keep in mind when finalizing your screen preferences is to understand that the screen will serve more purposes besides keeping you connected with the game. It is something you’ll have while surfing through your browser or watching movies. It’s something you won’t be able to change later, as you can with your RAM and GPU.

Size: most gaming laptops have a 15-17 inches widescreen. Some can go above 18 inches. Select the one which screen and resolution you like. Nevertheless, keep in mind, that the bigger the screen, the heavier it will be to carry.

Battery Life

If you are using your gaming laptop for daily productive activities such as internet surfing, your laptop might last longer depending on the battery and company. However, if you are playing games, there are chances that your battery will die within an hour.

Thus, you need to keep your laptop plugged in during the games for two reasons: a) the graphic card of your laptop requires high energy to perform better, and b) your battery will not die in the middle of the game.

If you are looking for a long-lasting battery that at least gives you six to seven works at work, you should know gaming laptop is not the one that fulfills this requirement.

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