Things to Look at Before Taking an SBI PO Mock Test Online

The eagerly awaited SBI PO exams are yet to be announced, but job aspirants are already practicing hard. One of the best ways of practising is to take the SBI PO mock test to get an idea of what to expect. As you may be aware, there were 2000 vacancies for SBI PO last year, and this year there could be more vacancies.

With millions of aspirants aspiring to pass the test with qualifying marks, the competition this year also is stiff. Following tips before taking the SBI PO mock test helps you prepare for the prelims and main exams.

The selection process is stringent, and only eligible candidates are selected after filtration. Candidates must prepare hard well in advance, and one of the best ways of doing this is taking several SBI PO mock tests to become familiar with the questions and formulate a perfect strategy.


Significant Features of the SBI PO Mock Test

  • Mock test papers are created based on previous SBI PO exam pattern and syllabus
  • Candidates can take the test in English or Hindi, whichever language they are proficient in.
  • SBI PO mock tests are available on the website and can be accessed via mobile apps also.
  • It is advisable to practice with a free mock test first to get an idea of how it works.


Advantages of Taking the SBI PO Mock Test

The easiest and best way to practice for the prelims and mains of the SBI PO exam is to take as many mock tests as possible, which helps form a winning strategy. A mock test also gives you an idea of time management, which is essential for obtaining qualifying marks.

  • The mock test is designed based on actual exam questions, and practicing on the mock tests exposes job aspirants and helps them prepare for the exam.
  • As speed and accuracy are essential to get higher marks and avoid negative marks, practicing with SBI PO mock tests helps.
  • Practicing mock tests help job aspirants select the easy section and questions first and answer them successfully.
  • As the marks are available on completion of each mock test, candidates can determine the areas they are strong in and their weak areas.
  • Mock tests help analyze your performance and focus on those specific areas


Prelims Pattern

The prelims exam comprises three sections which need to be completed in 1 hour. The Quantitative Aptitude test has 35 questions with one mark for each question, and all questions to be completed in 20 minutes.

The Reasoning Ability section also has 35 questions with one mark for each question, with 20 minutes to complete it. The English Language section carries 30 questions with one mark for each question, and all questions to be answered within 20 minutes.


Mains Pattern

The mains exam has 4 sections, plus the descriptive test, completed within 3 hours and 30 minutes. The Reasoning & Computer Aptitude section carries 45 questions with 60 marks and a time limit of 60 minutes. The Data Analysis & Interpretation section carries 35 questions with a total of 60 marks and a time limit of 45 minutes. The General/Economy/Banking Awareness section has 40 questions with 40 marks and a time limit of 35 minutes.

The English Language section has 35 questions with 40 marks and a time limit of 40 minutes. Finally, the Descriptive Test has two questions that carry 50 marks and a time limit of 30 minutes.

Candidates should be aware that they cannot save time in one section and use it next. Every wrong answer gets a penalty of 0.25 negative marks. Apart from the above tests, the candidates must write an essay and a letter, which carry 25 marks and have a time limit of 30 minutes.

Getting qualifying marks in the SBI PO has only one Mantra – practice. Practicing on mock tests helps sharpen your skills and prepare for the actual exams.

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